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When it comes to real estate, first impressions count. That’s why the expression ‘Curb Appeal’ has merit. In the freehold property market, as dwell hunters arrive in front of the property for sale or lease that they’re about to view they’re already assessing the residence, the setting, and the surrounding streetscape. In the condominium market, purchasers instantly gauge how the lobby and common areas complement their own personal style. And when it comes to townhouses, buyers examine how well-maintained the exterior is while looking for clues on who the complexes’ occupants are. Everyone, either consciously or subconsciously is looking for the right ‘fit’ both aesthetically, financially, and socially.

As I wrote some years ago in What Does Your Home Say About You? the process of choosing a property and its location is complex. First, we define our practical needs such as the number of rooms required for sleeping, living and working. Second, we determine what location and style best reflect our social values and affiliation to the community. Third, we define our budget and evaluate how realistic we can tend to our needs, wishes, and wants with our finances.



During this evaluation, we discover that our housing choice reflects our age, status, identity, and family size. From urban edge to bucolic suburbs, some neighbourhoods are geared to celebrate urban cultural amenities, others to raising children. Whatever your particular case, research on housing and identity indicates that owning a home, as part of the Canadian Dream, is seen as a sign of financial and personal success, as well as reflecting one as “biographically on schedule”.

In my post Chapters of Life: The Value of ‘Home’ research on housing and home suggests that no matter where you live, you do what is called ‘optimization’. Basically, whether the place you are fits or not, you optimize the space so that it most closely accommodates your vision of home. Of course, while this mostly depends on your financial situation, people often start with little things that are easy and decorative. Inexpensive solutions like paint, window coverings, and floor coverings are used to provide a backdrop to personal possessions, enhancing their representation of you and, as a result, instilling a sense of ‘Home’.

Although the placement of personal possessions in a place you’ve physically modified to a more pleasing aesthetic may do the trick, physically changing a space may not necessarily make a space feel more like Home, but often the personal investment and physical act of a person making a change helps makes it a closer approximation of their personal vision. It is the act of spreading one’s positive energy through a place that helps solidify the act of belonging. Many people often say that the first thing they do when moving into a new residence is that they clean it, even if it is already immaculate. This is a way of spreading one’s energy, and by extension, the moving of furniture, the hanging of pictures, and the painting of walls and doors, all help imprint the energy of the resident.



Of course, I love everyone who makes their place a ‘home’. And funnily, just like a chef having a home-cooked meal at their friends or family often have to hear a proclamation that it may not be “as fancy or as good as a restaurants” to which the chef says “Bollocks”, as a realtor and housing conceptualist most everyone apologizes in advance for their property “not showing as well as it could”. To which I say “Bollocks!” The truth is that a home which is comfortable, loved, and holds the contents and possessions that have made memories with its occupants is what I adore about where any individual lives. Be assured I am never judging anyone for their decor or aesthetics. That said, I’m also a realtor who guides Sellers on how to make a profit.

Today the images of properties shown here are all located in quaint charming Charlottetown, PEI where I live some of the year in The Black House (Here’s my blog about it called The Tales Of Upper Hillsborough). I randomly took these photos this past week as I strolled through downtown and its surrounding neighbourhoods. I think the owners have done an amazing job both at instilling some personality while also increasing their dwelling’s resale value with fantastic ‘Curb Appeal’ simply by installing a fantastic front and/or screen door entry.

Although ‘Curb Appeal’ refers to the exterior design and features of a dwelling – including its architectural style, the landscaping, the colour palette, and the quality and condition of the major building components (like the roof, windows, lighting, and hardscaping), all which contribute to achieving top dollar, a critical moment that really counts is when buyers arrive at the front entrance and are about to cross the threshold. It’s at that moment many buyers physically and energetically respond to a property, intuitively asking themselves “Does this place look and feel like ‘Home’?”. In that singular instant you, the seller, have the opportunity to be like Cupid and strike your arrows into the heart of your buyers and their pocketbook. This is an essential tactical move in the art of trading property. It requires the savvy seller to tap into all the senses, creating a positive experience specifically geared to your target market.

Here are some of the front doors of homes that really sing, in my opinion:



Because the front entrance of your home commands the most attention from the street, it also commands significant attention when it come to sell! Colour, shape, composition…. your front door plays an enormous role in your home’s first impression, and can add value while enhancing your curb appeal!

Bold, bright, and beautiful!



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There is a myriad of factors and features which influence the value of a property, to the extent that it can be overwhelming if you get attached to meeting a list of criteria that may be impossible to attain based on where you’re looking or what your budget is. What’s important is that you feel an emotional connection to space, and your intuition aligns with your head that you’re making the right decision.

And, for complete peace of mind, you can always enlist the services of a realtor like myself, who has the knowledge and experience to help guide you through the process with a critical eye in serving your needs.


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