What Does Your Home Say About You?

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Have you ever walked down the street looking at houses and wondered, “Who lives there?”. Casual observations of the style of the house, its condition, and landscaping can reveal several clues about its residents. And the objects around the property, like a flag hung over the front porch, bikes tethered to the stairs, or a collection of garden ornaments give even more insight about the residents’ personalities in how they present the place they call home. Even houses lining a street that seem identical in style still communicate lots of information to passersby. So, if our homes reflect who we are, What does your home say about You?

The process of  choosing a property and its location is complex. First, we define our practical needs such as the number of rooms required for sleeping, living and working. Second, we determine what location and style best reflect our social values and affiliation to the community. Third, we define our budget and evaluate how realistic we can tend to our needs and wants with our finances.

During this evaluation, we discover that our housing choice reflects our age, status, identity and family size. From urban edge to bucolic suburbs, some neighbourhoods are geared to celebrate urban cultural amenities, others to raising children. Whatever your particular case, research on housing and identity indicate that owning a home, as part of the Canadian Dream, is seen as a sign of financial and personal success, as well as reflecting one as “biographically on schedule”.

So, if you were to move, what kind of dwelling would you choose? Would you choose an English Tudor? A French Chateau? An American Colonial? How about a rancher, a saltbox, a chalet, or a cabin? In Toronto, you’ll most likely choose either a detached, a semi-detached or row-house, or a co-op, condominium, or stacked townhouse. Maybe you’d prefer something unique like a coach house, a converted grocery store, or an authentic loft in a century warehouse? Or how about a luxe penthouse, a stately mansion, or a cottage with a white picket fence?

Whatever your preference, each type of dwelling conveys its own kind of domestic bliss. And most of us see ourselves living in one…or several! How do you decide? How will you search for your perfect home?

Do you need help defining your housing needs? At urbaneer.com, we know dwellings, as meaningful objects and settings, are non-verbal signs defining and communicating who we are. Because we know the dwelling place and our identity, whether social or personal, are inevitably linked through its form, style, interior and exterior decorations, we know it’s vital to define your needs, your wants, and your wishes for the perfect home. When you engage our free On-Line Custom Housing Profile service, we will review your style, where you’re at, and advise you when to act. It’s that easy!

Our On-Line Custom Housing Profile

Did you know that in today’s record-breaking real estate market it can take six months up to a year to find the perfect home? Our On-Line Custom Housing Profile will help you identify your needs, including practical considerations such as location, size, and price, as well as questions regarding how you wish to live. Simply complete and submit our easy profile form available on-line at http://www.urbaneer.com and we will keep you notified on the best available properties for you, allowing you to choose which ones to view, hassle & pressure free! And while on-line, check out our current listings, or download some or all of our HomeWatch Newsletters, tools that will help introduce you to the dynamics of the Toronto Housing Market.

Are you considering selling?

Research shows most people buy within two kilometres of their existing residence! Our monthly newsletter goes to over 25,000 households across the central city, straight into the hands of prospective buyers! This is just one of our innovative marketing tools…call the urbaneer.com team at 416-322-8000 to learn more!


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