As We Start Calculating The Impact Of Covid-19, The Failure Of Government To Care For Its Senior Citizens Becomes Apparent

COVID-19 & Toronto Real Estate
Welcome to the blog that explores housing, culture, and design in Toronto, Ontario, Canada! I’m Steve Fudge and I’m celebrating my 31st year as a realtor and property consultant in Toronto, Ontario, In 2023’s first installment of Dear Urbaneer – my monthly post that answers a topical real estate query…
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Despite Fluvid & Rising Interest Rates, The Shelter Prize Is Safety & Convenience When You Live In Swansea, Toronto

COVID-19 & Toronto Real Estate, Finance, Junction / High Park / Bloor West / Swansea, Swansea / High Park / Bloor West Village, Tales From The Real Estate Trenches
I’m Steve Fudge, and I’m a property consultant and seasoned realtor in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Welcome to my blog on housing, culture, and design, where I explore all the facets of real estate, shelter, and home. Today I’m sharing my thoughts on living in the time of Fluvid,  our current…
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How Urbaneer’s Toronto Real Estate Marketing Program Sold This Sun-Soaked Semi In Swansea

COVID-19 & Toronto Real Estate, For Sellers, Junction / High Park / Bloor West / Swansea, Real Estate, Swansea / High Park / Bloor West Village
By all accounts, the real estate market in Toronto, Ontario, Canada has been performing consistently well for several years. More recently, the headlines and the soundbites proclaim Toronto properties are a HOT commodity! It’s certainly true Canadians have not been swayed by the pressures of the pandemic. Due to the…
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How Urbaneer’s Toronto Real Estate Marketing Program Sold This Roncesvalles Duplex In The Pandemic

COVID-19 & Toronto Real Estate, Roncesvalles Village
In the world of Toronto real estate, the precautionary measures necessary to mitigate against COVID-19 have resulted in strict protocols when viewing properties offered for sale. After reviewing the online promotional material including floor plans, feature sheets, a presale inspection report plus photographs and/or a video, only the prospective buyers who will be going on title…
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