Dear Urbaneer: Will The New Anti-Flipping Legislation And A Ban On Foreign Buyers Impact My Toronto Property Investment?

Dear Urbaneer, Finance, Housing & Politics, Real Estate
  Welcome to this month’s installment of Dear Urbaneer, where I counsel clients and customers on their real estate related queries. This month, I am helping a prospective property investor who is wondering about ROI in the context of the new CRA taxation requirements, intending to deter shadow-flipping and speculative…
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Despite Fluvid & Rising Interest Rates, The Shelter Prize Is Safety & Convenience When You Live In Swansea, Toronto

COVID-19 & Toronto Real Estate, Finance, Junction / High Park / Bloor West / Swansea, Swansea / High Park / Bloor West Village, Tales From The Real Estate Trenches
I’m Steve Fudge, and I’m a property consultant and seasoned realtor in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Welcome to my blog on housing, culture, and design, where I explore all the facets of real estate, shelter, and home. Today I’m sharing my thoughts on living in the time of Fluvid,  our current…
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