Blast From The Past – ‘A Very Royal Wedding’ – Ten Year Anniversary

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Who doesn’t love LOVE?

We certainly love any marriage that continues to bloom after ten years and a real estate market that continues to rise – so in this Blast From The Past – we’ve reposted our Countdown To A Royal Wedding Real Estate Ad from ten years ago – both in honour of Will and Kate and to ogle at how much real estate prices have increased since then.

Do you remember all the ballyhoo? The wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was attended by 1,900 guests (unfathomable by the pandemic protocols of today) and watched by millions across the world. Catherine wore an ivory and white satin bridal dress with lace sleeves made by British designer Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen, while William wore the uniform of a colonel of the Irish Guards, with a scarlet jacket and blue sash.

To mark their 10 year anniversary Prince William and Duchess Catherine shared new photos to Instagram.

Just as William and Kate were going from zero to ten years, the Toronto real estate market more than doubled in value:

Average Toronto Detached House Price
March 2021 (most recent stat): $1,202,853
April 2011: $575,350
Percentage Change Over 10yrs –> +121%

Average Toronto Condo Price
March 2021 (most recent stat): $644,257
April 2011: $326,000
Percentage Change Over 10yrs –> +103%
Check out my decade-old post below, back when I was just starting this blog! 🙂



A Very Royal Wedding!

If you’re new to my blog then this is the day you discover I am a lover of crumpets and tea. The spawn of two quintessential immigrant Brits of the nicest sort, I grew up not only with scones, bangers ‘n mash, bubbles ‘n squeak, and authentic Cadbury ‘Flake’ chocolate, but I’m simply chuffed to be served a Yorkshire pudding. The backdrop to these culinary tastes was, for the better part of my youth, Oak Bay, Victoria, B.C., where the sandy seaside, the privet hedge manicured “more English than England” gardens, the ubiquitous fish ‘n chip shoppes and tea rooms only served to reinforce my Union Jack disposition. However, I promise you I do not speak with a chippy accent. Jolly Good right? Here’s a past blog called My Childhood Playground.

Still, if you shout out ‘Queen’ in my direction, you’ll probably catch my attention.

This is my favourite chocolate.

Like many Brits, Canucks and Yanks I’m rather excited about the impending nuptials of William and Kate. Brilliant!

This is why I couldn’t help but take the opportunity to use this past week’s Innovative Space Globe and Mail ad to acknowledge the count down to the lovely event. This may be a surprise to you, but I’ve been advertising my Innovative Space column in most every Friday’s Globe and Mail for the past eighteen years. It’s a great venue to indulge my love of wordplay and giggles…and this past week was no exception. Here’s a copy of Friday’s column. Do you like it?


I certainly wish the lovely couple well. I’m thrilled for them in that Always A Bridesmaid, Never A Bride kinda way. HA!

So while I pour myself a cuppa, just know We Find Homes For Any Royal We!


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