With COVID-19 Outbreaks In Long-Term Care Facilities, Is Multi-Generational Housing Better?

COVID-19 & Toronto Real Estate, Healthy Home, Real Estate
The rise of multi-generational housing in Canada has been trending for a while now, particularly in cities like Toronto and Vancouver where a lack of supply and high housing prices have forced homebuyers to look for creative solutions to achieve their homeownership dreams. There are practical familial considerations as well. With aging…
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The Irony Of Navigating COVID-19 On The 50th Anniversary Of Earth Day

COVID-19 & Toronto Real Estate, Healthy Home
Here, on the third rock from the sun, we celebrated a major milestone this week: the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. One might say it’s ironic that instead of globally honouring, respecting and nurturing Mother Earth this week, our collective attention was hyper-focused on mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic. Is the virus Mother Earth’s attempt at reminding…
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