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If you're new to our blog, one of the first things you should know is proprietor Steve is bonkers about Housing, which is probably a good thing given we're Realtors.

On a typical day Steve's housing obsession begins within moments of waking where, over a pot of tea, he surfs the Multiple Listing Service for new listings that may be perfect for our Buyers or potential competition for our Sellers. During breakfast he usually reads The Globe and Mail, amongst others, and synthesize how the world of finance and politics may be influencing the property economy. And whilst grunting and groaning under the tutelage of his amazing health and well-being trainers, he incessantly waxes on the dynamics of the local market. 

And then it's mid day.

Over lunch he's likely reading one of this month's Shelter 'zines (he loves Elle Decor) to gauge the media's take on trends and styles – or laughing at the site Unhappy Hipsters. Or he's working with his crew to elevate his latest project – a 1960 purpose built duplex in Riverdale called The Tales Of Tennis Crescent – (did you see his other past projects including Rejuvenating The Button Factory, Renovating The Movie House Loft, or The Tales Of Upper Hillsborough?) And then he's invariably on the road navigating traffic playing his own real estate version of 'The Price Is Right'.

Speaking of which, Steve grew up watching The Price is Right in the 1970s – here's a charming vintage clip featuring such trend-setting items like TV Time Popcorn, a Teledyne Colour TV, Game Room Furniture that is “A Complete Party Ensemble” and a 1972 Chevrolet Vega that cost a squeak over $2000!



After negotiating an offer or listing a property, come evening Steve might catch any myriad of housing television shows, like watching contractor Mike Holmes as he breeds despair (and then relief) on ill-informed homeowners while uncovering (and repairing) structural travesties on Holmes Inspection . Steve loves HGTV. He calls it House Porn for the housing obsessed.



In fact, nearly two years ago Steve launched a new Student Mentorship and Internship Program for Canadians being educated in the many fields of housing. Consider visiting HousePorn.ca which features stories researched and written by students on architecture, landscape, design, produce and real estate in Canada. It's been a great way for Steve to give back to his community while extending his 'healthy obsession' for all things housing.

And when the day comes to an end he drifts off to sleep – where he navigates a world of Dream Homes!

Is that bonkers?



Want to learn more? Here's Why Steve Is A Top Ten Realtor!

Steve and the urbaneer team welcome being of assistance. If you – or someone you love – is seeking guidance navigating Toronto real estate, just pop us a note. We'd be happy to help!

~ the urbaneer team


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