You Can Buy A Sleeping Pod In A Toronto Micro Condo For $49,000!

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Is the cost of dwelling downtown stressing you out? Well, here’s an offer that might have you sleeping much better at night – or worse!

An entrepreneur came up with a clever idea to address housing affordability and make a profit. After buying a ‘micro condo’ (a max 400 sf suite with a floor plan that makes innovative use of the available space) at Smart House for $390,000, he installed 10 sleeping pods in the modest unit and is offering them for sale for $49,000 each!


SmartHouse – 215 Queen Street East



Set up as a co-ownership, the 10 buyers share the kitchen, bath and laundry facilities using a rotating schedule that allocates 6 minutes each hour for use by each individual. One buyer says: “Sure I’m still acclimatizing to a diet of pop tarts and microwavable Kraft Dinner, but on the upside… I’ve lost a lot of weight! You can’t beat living right in the heart of the city!”



Is this where the urban living is headed? Will mega cities like Toronto soon be chock-a-block with micro homes and sleeping pods? Pretty crazy…


… or it would be, if it were true!


Gotcha! Happy April Fool’s Day!!

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