The Power Of Words


My darling mother sent me this very cool video clip the other day. The message? The power of words can be used to radically change your message and your effect upon the world. Created by U.K.s Purplefeather, a firm that provides powerful, optimised web content to get companies noticed, this video tells a moving story with heart while conveying the message of their business. Click on “Words have power” to see this remarkable Video.

I often wonder about the power of words in advertising. As I relayed in a recent blog called “A Very Royal Wedding” (click HERE to link to it), I’ve been fascinated with the power of words ever since I created my INNOVATIVE SPACE advertising column eighteen years ago. Does having fun with words increase one’s real estate business? I’m not sure I have the answer for that but I do know my ads have garnered a fair bit of attention. In fact, every so often I meet someone who recounts a particularly amusing ad I published in The Globe and Mail newspaper over a decade ago. How amazing is that? While I’m not sure having fun with words while advertising generates a quanitifiable increase in business. I’m convinced it makes more memorable.

Given last week was an ode to my British roots, I couldn’t help but counter it with a celebration of all words Canadian. Here’s my April 15th ad:

Does an ad like this captivate your intrigue or am I wasting my advertising dollars?

Curiously Yours,

~ Steven

Amusing Ads – Globe & Mail
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