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We’re heading full-speed into the holiday season, and, amidst all the hustle and bustle, there’s a lot of new information coming to light about house prices, government housing initiatives, mortgage rules, etc. Stop by our blog regulary and we’ll keep you informed!  Here is what you’ll find inside our November 2017 e-newsletter:


First, we share our Homewatch News contribution, ‘How To Adapt To Canada’s Rising Interest Rates’. All homeowners can benefit from this one! The Bank of Canada raised its key interest rate by another quarter of a percentage point this September, up to 1 per cent from 0.75 per cent. The decision, which follows a first hike in July, could be just the second in a string of rate increases to come, some economists predicted in light of the announcement. It’s important to take a moment to consider how an interest rate hike impacts their personal finances and develop a plan to reduce vulnerability. Many of our Homewatch newsletters have been turned into direct mail pieces, delivered to around 40,000 Toronto households. It’s part of our on-going marketing efforts that range from traditional print campaigns – like advertising our Innovative Space ad in the Friday Globe and Mail newspaper (for over twenty years) – to our informative blog and our growing social media presence on Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter.

Each month we share the tale of what one of our buyers have recently purchased in our Home of The Month feature. Here, we share the tale of a move which occurred because of circumstance, rather than by choice. When our clients endeavoured to install an electric vehicle charger near their underground parking spot  (at their own expense, in their reputable Don Mills condominium complex) their efforts were met with confusion and resistance by the condominium board. After pressing the board to move towards a solution without success, our electric vehicle owners became resigned to the fact that they needed to find a new residence with a secure private garage to house the electric vehicle and a charger. After some reflection and collective counsel, our couple began to consider how their future might look in their elder years. This includes reconciling potential issues of mobility, as well as ease of access to family, services and amenities. Which is how our Buyers recognized there might be merit in merging their Toronto residence with their son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter, who owned their own house downtown. By selling two properties to acquire a larger property that offered a space plan well-suited to multi-generations, they could integrate collective support, nurture familial bonds, while retaining some independence. They’d also be joining a trend on the rise! The blog has the full story – and the stunning house they found!

November’s installment of our Dear Urbaneer series is entitled, ‘Will Title Insurance Cover A Prior Renovation Completed Without A Building Permit?’  This month, we offer guidance to clients who are concerned about past renovations, prior to their purchase, which may have required a building permit: “Is it safe to assume that, when a house is purchased from a previous owner, appropriate building permits would have been issued for any changes to our house by the previous owner(s)? Our lawyer did not raise any flags prior to us taking possession. Here’s why I ask:  some people we know had the sale of their house held up because of a lack of proper permit documentation. They had done some renovations to their home in the past (that would have required a building permit), but failed to acquire one at the time. I want to ensure that this won’t happen to us. I’ve looked into when a building permit is and isn’t needed, and I’m concerned about what renovations the previous owners of our home might’ve completed under the radar. Could there be something lurking in our property’s past that could potentially impact us if we want to sell, rebuild, or add an extension one day? Am I overthinking or even worrying over nothing?” While unlikely, if no flags were raised during closing, it is possible that changes and/or additions made to the property prior to your ownership that would have required a Building Permit may not have been completed with one. These would mostly have to do with structural changes, required electrical/plumbing changes, an addition/extension, or building/modifying a garage. Hop over to the full blog to read Steve’s advice on how to proceed!

As realtors, writers, and avid social media participants – not to mention lovers of all things real estate – our Urbaneer team shares a bunch of blogs each week. According to Urbaneer.com’s November stats, our most read blog was the first installment of our Best of Urbaneer series. More than a blog, writing pieces for Urbaneer.com has been a catch-all for our real estate musings, and, to our delight, has become a frequent connection between ourselves, our clients, and readers like you! We wanted to go back into the vaults to pull out some of the most popular posts on particular subjects, which is how we ended up with this popular first post: Best Of Urbaneer: Style and Design. This comprehensive post was likely a hit with our readers becasue it is distillation of our pieces relating to the intersection of housing and design!

The second most popular post was the latest from Monika’s Animal House, called, We Hit The Trails Of Toronto’s Top Dog-Friendly Parks. In this piece, Monika addresses caring for an older dog (Logan is now 15!) and how he now prefers solo hikes to crowded dog parks. “This past season we spent a lot of time enjoying the outdoors and discovering the city’s parks, hiking trails and strolling spots. Here are our favourites, which I’m sure we will keep visiting well into the winter months.” Thanks, Monika! If you’re an downtown Toronto dweller and a dog owner, this post is for you!

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