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Summer has settled in Toronto, and the humid air is thick with the aromas of cut grass and blooming plant life! How will you make the most of the warm weather this month?

Throughout the summer we’ll be monitoring and reporting on everything related to Toronto Real Estate, while continuing to discuss and debate the many facets of house & home! Bookmark the Urbaneer Blog, and we’ll keep you informed! 

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May’s instalment of our Dear Urbaneer series is entitled, ‘Dear Urbaneer: What’s Being Done To Create Affordable Housing In Toronto?‘ In it, Steve responds to a client who is coming to terms with a housing market that is – quite simply – no longer affordable.  With their dreams of home ownership slowly deflating, they ask Steve exactly what initiatives are in motion to create more affordable housing in Toronto: “With rising interest rates – and the rising prices for everyday essentials – I am increasingly worried I have been priced out of Toronto real estate and my dreams of homeownership may be out of reach. I know that the City of Toronto is taking some steps to increase the housing supply to help with affordability, but what exactly is being done? And will it help?“.  Read on for Steve’s answer!

Steve and the Urbaneer Team post weekly blogs that share our love of all things real estate and that celebrate Toronto! Here are four of our most well-read posts this past month:

The most read post for June was ‘Climate Risk Assessment And Real Estate Values‘. Climate change is a real and dynamic entity, and as it gets worse, serious implications arise for housing and land. Climate risk assessment is a tool that is currently launched in the U.S., but there are plans to adopt the tool here in the Canadian market. The fear is that climate factors could negatively impact real estate values (i.e. the likelihood of fire, flood, erosion, and a host of other issues). It really gives new meaning to the real estate mantra location, location, location! Read on!

Another popular piece was ‘The Revitalization Of David Crombie Park In Toronto’s St. Lawrence Neighbourhood‘. Toronto parks have their own life cycles, just like cities and neighbourhoods and people. While function and utility through built/synthetic means have long been the tenets of many of Toronto’s parks, in recent years there’s been a shift in awareness; experts are refocusing landscape design in park spaces to create natural ecosystems that support flora and fauna, while also creating new opportunities and functions. along with the resulting environmental and experiential benefits. David Crombie Park is a great example!

Thirdly, we had a great response to our blog about governing bodies, and how they create, define or confuse housing policy in the City: ‘How Canada’s 3 Levels Of Government Shape Housing Policy & Programs’. All of the provincial parties in Ontario recently campaigned heavily on affordable housing by promising solutions and aid to this ever-growing problem. But housing policy and programs are not limited to just the provincial government. It is the shared responsibility of all three levels of government, meaning the municipal and federal jurisdictions are actively engaged in our housing policy and programs as well.

Finally, we infuse our blog with some talk of culture and convenience in a promotional blog entitled ‘It’s All About Convenience When You Live At King’s Court Condominium Near The St. Lawrence Market‘. One of the pillars of urban living is enjoying superior convenience and choice just beyond your front door. Depending on your daily wishes or needs, you should be able to stroll or roll easily to where they’ll be fulfilled! Moreover, walkable neighbourhoods like St Lawrence are known to foster greater community. It makes sense; instead of being cloistered behind the wheel of a car (individually, in gridlock), connected neighbourhoods allow you to spend more hours interacting and immersed in your community in real-time.

And – for lovers of unique urban spaces – don’t miss our sensational Toronto real estate listed for sale or lease on our site for your consideration!


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