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Happy Holidays!!

Eager to know where market momentum will take real estate in 2024? Need advice on achieving the best price for your property, or how to begin your buying journey? Urbaneer has the housing news you need and the homeownership content you crave! Visit our Listings Page to take a peek at our gorgeous properties currently for sale, then slide over to our blog where we discuss the many facets of house & home, as well as Toronto culture, design, and architecture – hopefully with a few laughs along the way! 

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This month’s instalment of Dear Urbaneer was entitled, ‘Do We Age In Place, Downsize, Cohouse Or Move To A Retirement Community?‘. This month, I am helping readers who, after decades in their property, are exploring the possibility of staying in their current residence to age in place and delay a move into assisted living. They write: “My husband and I read and enjoyed your posts over the last couple of months, chronicling the challenges and opportunities faced by homeowners at various stages in their lives and their property journeys. We can relate both to the young couple trying to decide on the right home and the right location to start their family in Dear Urbaneer: Should I Choose The City Or The Suburbs?, and the couple looking to modify their newly empty nest to suit and support their newfound family freedom in Dear Urbaneer: Do You Have Any Advice For Parents Renovating Their Empty Nest?. As seniors in our late 60s and early 70s, we are becoming more aware of our health and well-being both at home and when we’re out and about. In part because of our love for our location, we are exploring the pros and cons of modifying our house so we can age in place here. Is there anything else that we need to consider? And are there other options where we could move that we haven’t thought of?” Read on for my counsel!

Steve and the Urbaneer Team post weekly blogs that share our love of all things real estate and that celebrate Toronto! Below are three of our most well-read posts this past month:

Our most well-read piece was entitled, ‘How CMHC & The Federal Government Are Trying To Manage Canada’s Housing Crisis‘. For young professionals who would like to have the safety and security of tenure that homeownership provides in the City of Toronto, but who don’t have the privilege of financial support or receiving a large monetary gift from their loved ones, they’ll have to be extremely disciplined to save the down payment and probably have to borrow the maximum mortgage they qualify for. We may covet the castle that exists in Fairy Tales, but the bitter truth is that an unremarkable detached 3-bed Edwardian in the City of Toronto has a price tag that surpasses $1,ooo,ooo, even as the market shifts due to the interest rate shock that began in March 2022. In this piece, I discuss a new government initiative and what hope it may have for improving the housing situation in Canada.

Another popular piece was ‘A Little Piece Of Canadian History At Maple Leaf Forever Park‘. Hands down, one of the most important neighbourhood amenities for urban dwellers is having great green space near home, for exercise, fresh air, and communing with nature – all of which are good for the soul. Just because we love living in the centre of the action doesn’t mean being encased in cement and metal all day doesn’t occasionally chafe. Escaping to commune with living things – lying on soft grass or reclined in the shade of a large maple – is both a respite and a way to recharge. Speaking of maples, today we’re talking about a park that’s famous for maple trees – or, rather, one maple tree in particular: Leslieville’s Maple Leaf Forever Park at 62 Laing Street!

We also had a great response to our blog ‘Treats & Temptation At Sweet Bliss Baking Company‘. In this one, we discuss a fab bakery that’s become a new favourite! If there is a treat that is worthwhile outsourcing, it is baked goods – sweets in particular! This is because of the convenience, yes, but also because of the flavour and the experience; I adore visiting bakeries with aromas and ambience that you just don’t get at home! This lovely Leslieville shop has everything to satisfy your sweet tooth!

And – for lovers of unique urban spaces – don’t miss our sensational Toronto real estate listed for sale or lease on our site for your consideration!


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