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Happy New Year!

Welcome to the Urbaneer.com Blog where we’re committed to creating relevant engaging housing, design, and culture content specific to Toronto, Ontario, Canada!

If you’re like us, the arrival of a New Year invites us to get on board with optimism, opportunity, and the promise of fresh beginnings. While 2023 proved to be one for the history books in terms of the Toronto real estate market’s deflation and unpredictability, we’ve now arrived at the beginning of another unwritten chapter. So where will the market trend from here? We’re excited to experience it firsthand from our unique POV in the real estate trenches!



But before we turn that page, these first weeks of January are an opportunity to refine and elevate how we execute a business that we love. After all, when your business is in the shelter industry and your clients are seeking counsel and clarity on real estate specific to their unique requirements…. well, there are a lot of factors at play. With over 3 decades of experience, we analyze the past, strategize the present, and chart a course to navigate our clients into their future.

That’s the Urbaneer way.

In that spirit of constructive contemplation – and to kick off 2024’s inaugural month – here is our annual Top 5 Most Popular Urbaneer Posts from the year, which run the gamut from housing-related legislation to tips on preparing your home for sale in a fiscally conscious way – and all flavoured by my own personal experience, expertise, and reflections on a career now 34 years strong.




In this summer blog, I discuss the recent announcement that, after much debate and anticipation, the City of Toronto introduced the ‘as-of-right’ to permit multiplexes up to four units in locations that were previously the domain of single-family dwellings! This Zoning By-Law Amendment comes at a critical time in Toronto’s housing history, and the hope is that it will help ease the housing crisis by densifying neighbourhoods formerly occupied by predominantly single-family dwellings in ‘yellowbelt neighbourhoods’.




In this one, I am helping a Seller prepare her home for sale. She is wondering about how to make her home most appealing to future buyers, but with an eye to staying on a modest budget. They ask: “I’m not really interested in investing more time and money in completing further renovations before selling, but I also recognize that I’ve put my money into replacing major building components rather than making my place pretty. I want to get the most I can for my home, so I recognize maybe I should make my house more stylish in order to appeal to Buyers. What should I do to improve my place without breaking the bank? Do you have any tips?” Read on for my advice and room-specific suggestions!




Canada is on track to welcome 900,000 international students – the most ever, and almost triple the yearly rate a decade ago. This is part of an overall strategy to accommodate aggressive immigration targets over the coming years, and the need is certainly urgent; nearly a fifth of current workers, across sectors, are nearing retirement, according to Stats Can. Meanwhile, the fertility rate in Canada is hovering at all-time lows. However one of the biggest challenges for foreign students is the high cost of living here; not only are many forced to find jobs outside of class hours to afford tuition, but there simply isn’t enough available housing. Even if they were all millionaires, we don’t have the brick-and-mortar space. So what’s being done?




In this piece, I respond to a query from a reader who is concerned about the amount of high-rise construction at the end of his residential street in a neighbourhood that is mostly Edwardian single-family semi-detached and detached housing stock. This one encompasses a lot of fantastic information about that doesn’t often get talked about, and if you’re a city dweller – particularly in the City of Toronto – you’ll find it fascinating. Are there condos coming to your ‘hood? Read on by clicking the picture above!




In this Dear Urbaneer installment, I helped a prospective property investor who wondered about the impact of the new CRA taxation requirements – intended to deter shadow-flipping and speculative investment – on the ROI of an investment property. They wrote, “I found your post ‘How Might CRA Taxation Effect The ROI Of An Investment Property? super helpful when I started researching property investment. While I’m hesitant to jump into the market right now given the frequent and sizeable hikes in interest rates, I also want to be prepared in case the right opportunity presents itself; I’m seeing many properties being sold under ‘Power of Sale’ lately, which could represent potential opportunities for me. In addition to the Bank of Canada’s interest rate hikes, the new CRA anti-flipping legislation will likely affect my potential ROI too, right? But how, and what do I have to know?”  Click the picture above for my explanation and guidance!


…And that rounds out the Top 5!



Can I take a moment to confess to you that I LOVE what I do?

Ever since I was seven years old I knew my future was in housing and helping others. And now, in my 50s, I’m so grateful for our amazing existing clients, and to welcome new ones too! Along with advising, supporting and gently steering Buyers and Sellers, my team and I are here to explore, question, and educate – which is why our blog explores current events, the evolving housing ecosystem, and competing interests as they shape market dynamics.

As the Toronto real estate market shifts due to ‘Rising Interest Rates I hope you follow our Urbaneer Blog; we’re committed to providing relevant information and poignant insight from a foundation of experience – like this post entitled ‘Is The Toronto Real Estate Market Crashing?‘ – and exploring the concerns weighing heaviest on the minds of property Buyers & Sellers (‘Is The Toronto Condo Market In A Precarious State?‘).

As we like to say –> We’re here to earn your trust, then your business.


~ Steve & The Urbaneer Team



We are so grateful to be part of the Toronto real estate industry! Thank you for your continued trust and business!

The Urbaneer team makes it our mission to guide you from your first to final purchase, plus any property in between. Along with educating, advising and gently steering you, our mandate is to identify the best locations and properties within your budget and recommend the appropriate dwellings that offer the best opportunity, whether it’s as a personal residence or part of your investment portfolio.

Thinking of selling? At Urbaneer.com, we take great pride in offering you our insight and guidance to make your property the most ‘sellable’ it can be. Offering a comprehensive sales and marketing program including print ads, direct mail flyers, and a multi-faceted social media program, we also offer a design service, access to contractors, and a warehouse of home furnishings available as part of our competitive listing commission. We are your one-stop real estate boutique that will pull out all the stops to enhance your property and attain top dollar.




With decades of experience navigating the ever-changing Toronto real estate market, a commitment to promote the sale of properties like yours with interesting and relevant information, and the ability to guide Buyers with credible insights and well-informed guidance, we are here to help without pressure or hassle.

Please consider our services!


Thanks for reading!


-The Urbaneer Team

Steven Fudge, Sales Representative
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– we’re here to earn your trust, then your business –

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