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Nothing represents the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) like a spinning sparkly ride and a cornucopia of sugary food. The photo above is one of the many fantastic images you’ll see in the recent post by the premier online purveyor of what’s happening in the city –> BlogTO, a totally Worthy Website, and their photographer DdotG (I hope DdotG and BlogTO don’t mind my sharing it… it’s simply mesmerizing!!!) . Click HERE to connect to BlogTO’s super summary on all the goings-on at the CNE, which opens tomorrow, August 17th until September 3rd, 2012.

I’m a Big Kid who loves rides and candy. As a teenager I would go to the Oak Bay Tea Party in Victoria, B.C. and ride the Zipper again and again and again with hardly a break. When I did take a moment to catch my breath, I’d go straight for the Candy Floss. It was the chance to gorge, spin & spew. Ah, good times!


These days, when I’m celebrating the end of summer at the CNE, I choose the rides which are a little tamer.

I’m particularly looking forward to the new CNE Sky Ride, which is a new permanent attraction that closely replicates the Alpine Way which operated at the CNE from 1966 to 1994. Extending 40 feet above ground at its highest point, the Sky Ride will elevate tripsters into the air and transport them across the grounds towards the historic Princes’ Gates, or alternatively west towards the soccer field. The view will be nothing less than panoramic, for not only does one get to survey the synergetic mayhem of the Exhibition Grounds along the way, but take in the views of Lake Ontario, the Toronto Islands, the Toronto Skyline, the Wind Turbine, and beyond.

I’m looking forward to the great view, while enjoying my deep-fried bacon-wrapped Mars bar! Ha!

Click HERE for the official CNE website!

~ Steven

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