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We all know a happy dog makes for a happy human! Dogs bring so much joy to our lives, and no matter whether you live in a condominium or a freehold home, one of the challenges of balancing an urban lifestyle is how to keep our furry friends healthy and happy during the inevitable times we need to be away during the day. Located conveniently at the corner of Fairlawn and Yonge Street, Doggieland offers an entire range of care options for the loveable mutt in your life!

Think of Doggieland as a wonderland for Dogs!



Sandra Shinton and her hubby Derek are the proud owners of Doggieland. Sandra tells it like this: 

“I’ve always loved dogs. Growing up, my family had a small Lhasa Apso, named Benji, and until a few years ago, most of my experience had been with smaller dogs. That all changed in 2007, when we adopted Indy. My husband Derek and I visited the Humane Society and as soon as we laid our eyes on Indy, it was love at first sight. We knew we’d found the dog for us, and he’s enriched our lives more than I’d ever thought possible. Indy is a mix of German Sheppard and Retriever, and he was just under a year old when he joined our family. Indy’s wagging tail and bum always puts a smile on my face, and his unique personality and boundless energy have changed our lives forever. Most dog owners I’ve talked to share that same feeling. The feeling that their pet is more than just “an animal” and is really part of their family. I make sure that everyone at Doggieland shares that same mentality, and can assure you that I and my staff will always treat your dog with the same love, care and attention that we give our own dogs.

It's extremely important to your dog’s mental and physical health that they receive daily exercise and activity. I know from experience that as an owner, it can sometimes be hard to give your dog the activity they crave and require. Busy work and family schedules can make it challenging, combined with the difficulties that come with our Canadian weather. Your dog doesn’t care if it is raining, snowing or freezing cold outside – they still want to play! Doggieland is the solution, and will be your dog’s favorite destination.

At Doggieland your dog will get lots of fun and exercise with our staff, but they will also get the opportunity to interact with other dogs in a supervised environment. This is extremely important for their socialization skills and the opportunity to play with other dogs also helps get your dog good and tired before they head home!”

Here are some of the services provided – we love the array!

Dog Training

We were especially impressed with the range of grooming options which even included TOOTHBRUSHING! How fabulous is that?! 

Doggieland North Toronto

1 Fairlawn Avenue

647-748-4DOG (4364)


Hours: M-F 7AM-7PM; Saturday 9AM-5PM

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– the urbaneer team

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