Come Up To My Room Again K?

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If exploring the Interior Design Show wasn’t enough fun for one this weekend past, going to the ‘Come Up To My Room’ exhibit at The Gladstone Hotel elevated my fun quotient even more! After my pals and I toured the ID Show we grabbed brunch at The Drake Hotel (it is so much more civilized now that the 905ers have bailed to other ‘got to be scene’ locations) and then caught the exhibit down the street in The Gladstone.

At the exhibit I thought Mark Mclean’s pieces (HUGE fan here!) using dollar store items were cleverly tongue-in-cheek:

And Lubo Brezina and Scott Eunson’s ‘Shrine Dedicated To The Memory Of Demolished Barns And Fallen Trees’ was magical and moving:

Xiaojing Yan’s ‘Face To Face’ work portraying Chinese immigrants painted on raw silk was artful and insightful:

The entire exhibit was brilliant…and crowded…which is good! It’s nice to see Torontonians out ‘n about despite the frigid temperatures!

There is so much to do and see in Toronto, regardless of Season this is one incredibly livable City!

~ Steven 


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