Interior Design Show 2011 Recap


Right now winter has its grip on Toronto. And its near-strangling us! The Arctic deep freeze has brought heaps of snow, salty roads, slushy sidewalks, and icicles hanging from every eavestrough like icy claws slashing at unsuspecting passers-by. Brrrr. On the streets our teeth chatter and our bodies shiver enroute to locations offering hot steaming caffeinated beverages which stave our Canadian desire to hibernate. To fight off the inclination to stay curled up under the duvet, I made the trek to the Interior Design Show Sunday morning to beat the crowds and see what was eye-catching.

Like most trade shows, there can be a lot of boring blech and seen-that done-that. My favourites this year were:

Style Garage! I love the entire company…superb design, great prices, amazing service. Their space at the show sparkled.

Nicole Tarasick is a fantastic screenprinter and graphic designer who has carved a niche making Canadiana textiles. Her work is simply engaging!

I really admired this piece from Cabinet. They do custom work that is as diverse as your imagination. Definitely a great company to follow.

In the depths of winter it’s no wonder I was drawn to this wood stove. On display in the booth by Costelloe & Company, this Stuv wood stove is breathtaking! I want!

Glad I went! Good times!

~ Steven


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