A Breezy Balmy Day In The Beach


As a west coast transplant from 25 years ago, I still find myself yearning for water. Fortunately, Toronto has a pretty stellar boardwalk running along Lake Ontario in a charming neighbourhood called, what else, but ‘The Beach’.

In the late 80s this neighbourhood was my home. In fact, I owned one of the original Beach cottages on Waverley Road which harkened back to over a century ago when this neighbourhood was only accessible by ferry and served as ‘cottage country’ for Torontonians. I loved that little home. At around 600 square feet, it was teeny tiny but adorable. In the 80s I renovated it as an Ode to Laura Ashley… how embarrassing is that? Grin.

Even though I now live near Little Italy’s College Street, I frequently return to The Beach. In fact, the Sunset Grill on Queen Street East has been cooking me breakfast just the way I like it for twenty-five years. I love having a bite and then taking a stroll or blade by the boardwalk. It gives me a moment to connect with nature.

Our weather has been extremely delightful this week. Here’s a couple of pics that capture our extended summer in Toronto.

Toronto is full of surprises for the uninitiated.

~ Steven


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