House Porn


Sometimes I just can’t help myself.

I’m surfing the net and all of a sudden there I am…on sites dripping in sexy real estate. I can easily spend hours looking at all sorts of places that dreams are made of.

One of my favourite websites as of late is This is the site you go to when you’re considering a home renovation and you want to see what other people have done. You can browse by Style, Room or Location, which I think is pretty fantastic.


And if you’re looking for something completely of the moment and fresh, nothing beats TheCoolHunter. You should make a point of checking out their September 7th post on Autumn colours. The landscape shots are spectacular, like the ones below from their post.

But I still have a special place in my heart for This site tends to feature architecture that reflects my own love of natural materials. In fact, here’s what’s giving me wood… and stone, glass, metal and landscape right now!

Designed by Vancouver firm Bricault (, this Venice, California house renovation superbly marries an efficient design, green building practices, a lush inside/outside softscape (an architectural fetish of mine) and loads of style. Here are a few of my fav pics by photographers Kenji Arai and Danna Kinsky:

You can read more about this property by clicking HERE!

~ Steven

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