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I recently celebrated my 25th anniversary as a realtor in Toronto’s high-octane real estate market. Given the length and breadth of my career – which started with a multi-disciplinary university education on housing and home – I’ve both seen and experienced a lot. I’m also, by nature, a reflective observer who takes great pleasure in sharing my ideas and perceptions, whether they stem from my experience in the real estate trenches or the social, economic and political world at large.

This is the impetus behind my blog on More than a blog, it has been a catch-all for my real estate musings, and, to my delight, has become a frequent connection between myself, my clients, and readers like you!

Today I wanted to introduce a new series, where I go back into the vaults to pull out some of my most popular posts on particular subjects. So, without further ado: Welcome to Part One of our Best of Urbaneer series, where I’ve compiled some of my most popular posts on style and design.

Style, obviously, is an integral part of selling your home for top dollar. But, as my regular readers know, style is also a personal passion for me; from home décor and design to art and architecture, I love it all! Have you visited the second site I curate, called It celebrates Canadian domestic architecture, landscape, design, and products, and is supported by a paid Student Internship and mentorship program. Whether you’re interested in emerging Canadian designers and craftspeople, cutting edge construction and materials, or simply love viewing stunning Canadian homes, this site will keep you clicking!


Here’s some of my favourite – and most popular – Urbaneer posts discussing different elements of style.



In Mid Century Modern Screens For Indoor Outdoor Inspiration, – which is part of my Tales From Tennis Crescent series sharing my journey renovating a 1960s purpose built duplex in Riverdale Toronto – I talk about how simple décor elements, like screens, properly placed can completely change a space. To redesign or redistribute space, you’d expect to be taking on a renovation project. Not necessarily. Screens can accomplish this without so much as lifting a hammer.




In this post, I share my advice and guidance to some past clients showing how to update a space that is functional, fashionable and affordable in Ikea Hacking for Ikea Hackers. Specifically, I discuss the benefits of blending multiple architectural styles and textures to design a look that is uniquely reflective of your own personal décor statement. With a little elbow grease and a creative approach, you can furnish and decorate your home with flair- for far less than you might think.




And as a side note, blending varying looks and pieces to achieve an overall effect is something that I truly embrace. It’s the thematic base for our Free Style Enhancement service, where we merge clients’ belongings along with some from our own personal cache, when staging a property for sale. It’s more than staging though. It’s a visual experience that lets the prospective Buyer hone in on the positive attributes of a property, while paying homage to the Seller’s personal connection to their ‘Home’.



I explore urbaneer’s Style Enhancement service further in A Midtown Style Enhancement.  Like so many of our Sellers, these clients were preparing to sell their property that had started as a home for one and became a home for two during the tenure of home ownership. In practical terms, this means merging the contents of two households into one. This can present challenges both in terms of displaying space to its best function and in creating a cohesive overall design. Together we tackled this challenge by putting the Style Enhancement process in action, including my sourcing some suitable furnishings using my Design Discount to assist in the sale of their condiminium, while providing some great furniture for their new home.




I dive deeper into the concept of blending décor in INabstracto Mid Century Modern Furniture, Art and Design On Queen West. As I mention in this piece, I believe that the most “successful representation of Home comes when a residence conveys the presence of a ‘collector’ and a life well-traveled.” There is nothing quite as lovely as a “mismatch” of furniture and décor elements that combine different eras, geographies, colors or styles. This approach lends a texture that helps define your home in a truly unique, very cool way. Of course, “mismatching” your furniture is a strategy as well. This blog spotlights one of our favourite stores and of the role that they play in helping you achieve that look.



So what’s your style?

Stay tuned for more Best of Urbaneer in the not too distant future, where I’ll offer my insights on diverse topics, all connected to Toronto real estate.  Do you have real estate questions? We’re here to help!


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