Discover Toronto’s best neighbourhoods

Toronto is truly the city of Neighbourhoods. It’s a city where intricate patchworks of distinct real estate weave together to form a wide variety of housing options, each with a unique character to match your own. Where do you envision yourself living? What type of real estate appeals to you? What sort of qualities do you seek in a neighbourhood? Take a look at some of Toronto’s finest neighbourhoods below.

Just east of downtown, spanning from Pape east to Woodbine, north and south of The Danforth, this jewel of a neighbourhood is particularly enticing for those who are … Read More

The Leslieville / Riverside / South Riverdale neighbourhood meets on all accounts, giving community context to the unique. Do you hold particular respect for properties… Read More

Consider prime Riverdale/Playter Estates where the lifestyle is idyllic and the housing stock is brushed with a sense of history. Do you long to live in the middle of a vital… Read More

The Cabbagetown/Corktown neighbourhood offers residents tradition mingled with possibility. Are you part of the enlightened group who seek to bring new… Read More

Consider the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood where both can readily be found. It is truly an ideal neighbourhood for those seeking the urban village living… Read More

For urbanites drawn west of the crossroads of Yonge and Bloor – which is arguably the centre axis of the city by virtue of the intersection of… Read More

The College Street/Little Italy area provides a backdrop for sensory experience, with gastronomic delight on Harbord St, fragrant Kensington Market and groovin’… Read More

Consider the Queen West Villages to live where you work, and where you play. Do tree-lined… Read More

There are those who appreciate the pedestrian lifestyle that urban living affords them. Read More

Bloor Lansdowne & Wallace Emerson / Brockton Village is at the epicentre of coolness, with the… Read More

Check out Little Portugal. Does the idea of combining a culture that supports and celebrates family life with a young professional vibe appeal to your sense of “home”? Read More

Roncesvalles Village offers a calm sense of community, complete with tree-lined streets and all the necessary amenities for family life to flourish. Read More

The west side of the City of Toronto contains the neighbourhoods of The Junction, High Park, Bloor West and Swansea, each which offer their own unique urban homes. Read More

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Tucked away in the heart of Toronto’s Distillery District, Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie caters to culinary connaisseurs, comfort food lovers, and everyone in-between. Featuring an adventurous yet unpretentious menu inspired by…

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Welcome to this month’s installment of Dear Urbaneer, where I assist clients with their real estate queries. This time around, I provide counsel to a client…

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Welcome to my blog on housing, culture, and design in Toronto, where I share my insights, ideas and point of view on the many facets of…

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