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Is there anything more rejuvenating than a nature walk – regardless of the season? In summer, I cherish the smell of the damp earth, the sight of the sun-dappled foliage as sun filters through the tree canopy, and the sound of shallow river finding its’ way over rocks and under fallen trees. Feels nostalgic, doesn’t it. In winter, imagine falling snow that muffles every sound but the crunch and squeak of fresh powder beneath your feet, and the barren trunks surrounding you like protectors, as you enjoy some sweet solitary serenity. Doesn’t get much better than that! Moreover, all the runners I know find something extra soul-soothing about putting kilometeres behind them in midst of nature, rather than on the treadmill. Makes sense, right?



These aren’t just imaginings and fantasies; you don’t have to travel beyond the city limits to have an immersive experience in nature. Toronto actually has a number of urban parks, trails, and ravines that let you breathe in that forest air scented by the flora and fauna.

One of our faves is Williamson Park Ravine, located at 1680 Gerrard St. East in the Upper Beach neighbourhood. It comprises over 500 metres of deciduous forest, nestles pleasantly between the ravine slopes.  This area is special, not just because of how beautiful it is, but because it has been designated as an “Environmentally Significant Area”. This designation means that it “provides habitats for vulnerable, rare or threatened plant and/or animal species and communities that are vulnerable, rare, threatened or endangered within the Province, the City or the Greater Toronto Area.”



Of the four ravine parks that make up the Small’s Creek Ravine system (including Merrill Park Bridge, Newbold and Gainsborough) Williamson Park Ravine is the only one that has that designation. Among other things, hikers will see a selection of rare flora and fauna, not found elsewhere.

This is a good hike for families, as it isn’t incredibly long.



The steep slope down to the trail is a natural beauty, but it’s potentially hazardous, as over the years, the slope eroded to expose substantial tree roots from the many mature and large trees that dot the ravine area.

Instead, access is much better down a wooden staircase, with handrails and seven landings with five steps in between. That’s great news for joggers who might find doing the entire staircase at once a bit much. (I know I would!!) Similarly, climbing with kids might be a challenge – so it is nice to stop and take a break, soaking in the natural beauty around you!




This ravine park is a natural wonder right in the middle of the city. Calling 249 Gainsborough road or 128 Golfview Avenue home means being able to wander in peace and quiet among the trees whenever you want! Take a tour of these fresh-to-market offerings in the Upper Beach!


A Sun-Kissed Vintage Charmer In The Upper Beach

One block north of Gerrard, up a quiet tree-lined road, you’ll find this enchanting oasis of domestic bliss. This well-loved and well-maintained detached residence constructed in 1926 embraces its history but has been intelligently upgraded with modern building components, fresh contemporary touches, and plenty of style. NOW SOLD!



Gracious On Golfview Avenue In The Upper Beach

This dynamic dwelling tucked away in the enriching Upper Beach community is NOW SOLD! Featuring 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, this fab family home – with convenient legal licensed front pad parking space – is perfect for those seeking a turnkey ‘unpack and enjoy’ residence. It’s rare to find a property that offers the intangible beauty of scale, proportion, and light, nestled in a picturesque community!




A smart strategy is crucial to real estate success and lifestyle happiness. With nearly three decades of experience in helping buyers identify goals and finding properties that match, my team and I are here to help!



With decades of experience navigating the highs and lows of our market, and our commitment to remain acutely aware of shifts and trends, we are here to help without pressure or hassle.

May we be of assistance to you, or someone you love?


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