Will Real Estate Be Nuts?


Well, after a scorching Summer of sizzling barbecues, eggs frying on sidewalks, and unrelenting heatwaves, the completion of this past three-day weekend signalled our country’s collective agreement that Summer fun is now officially over. Yup, fun no more. To wrap it up with a bow, in Canada we mark the end of Summer annually by celebrating the economic and social achievements of workers (and their fight to secure the rights for an 8-hour workday) with yesterday’s Statutory Holiday ‘Labour Day’. Ironically, on Labour Day most Canadians do nothing. Ok, nothing beyond imbibing in one last mega-hurrah of outdoor recreation.

This week our children return to their academic studies where they will learn their lessons in a timely fashion in a structured environment. This will serve them well in adulthood because, when the children go back to school, with rote perfection we go back to work. This social conditioning isn’t the only reason we know the languid picnics of easy breezy summer days are over. The first clue came two weeks ago when nature sent the first cool evening breeze down to lick at our shoulders and remind us we should be unpacking our sweaters. It was then followed by the whiff of decaying leaves as they fell from the trees which signalled it’s time to focus on the Harvest. Like squirrels collecting acorns for their winter stores, we treat Autumn as the time to secure our nests, preserve our capital, and hibernate for the new year. We don’t complain about this. As Autumn turns to Winter we might as well focus on our work, what with the days becoming shorter and the temperatures dipping towards arctic. In the land of the Great White North, it’s just what we do. Call it inherently Canadian if you will.

Which, in a nutshell, is why today is the first day of our Autumn real estate market. As Canadians pack away their summer memories, restore their work ethic, take stock of their harvest, and contemplate the imminent arrival of winter, a good chunk of the population will turn their attention to real estate. And why not? Who wants to see their acorns stale in a safety deposit box generating zero return or risk them in a volatile stock market? Who wants to hibernate in a place that doesn’t feel like Home? Investing in homeownership is an ideal long-term mostly tax-free investment, plus you get to decorate it to your liking and make it your own!

I’m excited about Autumn, It’s one of my favourite seasons. Will it be nuts? Stay tuned to see!

~ Steven

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