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As massive as Canada’s geography is, bounded by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans on the east and west, the Arctic Circle on the north and the breadth of the United States to the south, only Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto are considered Canada’s major urban centres. Each of these cities offer their own qualities of life but, if you had to call one the ‘New York of Canada’ Toronto, being largest in population, most culturally diverse, and economically dynamic would earn that title. At least by Americans when they try put our cities in the context of their own.

Not to imply we yearn to be New York, but any Canuck desirous of the ‘Bright Lights, Big City’ life knows Toronto, in all its gritty magnificence, is THE Canadian destination for opportunity. I write from experience. Where else, on the eve of completing my Graduate Degree on Housing, could one call up and take the newspaper editor of the Toronto Star out for lunch and get a feature article in the “New In Homes” Section lauding me as much as the first loft conversion I was promoting? This article catapulted my new career overnight and spearheaded my specialty in Innovative Space. Living in a huge country with a relatively small population is all about opportunity. Here’s that 1994 feature piece:

Fast forward to today, in the recently released fifth edition of “Cities of Opportunity”, PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Partnership for New York City explore the trajectory of 27 capitals of commerce, finance and culture and rank how they create opportunities both now, and in the future. Executing a comprehensive 100-page examination of the current social and economic performance of the globe’s leading cities, the research ranked Toronto as 3rd after New York and London.

Bravo Toronto!

Click HERE  for the story in Atlantic Cities, which has a link to the 100-page report for those fascinated on the prospects of Toronto!

~ Steven

** Photo By Tara Sameshima

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