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Welcome to my blog on housing, culture, and design, where I explore all the facets of real estate, shelter, and home. I’m Steve Fudge, and I’ve been a realtor and housing consultant in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for over 30 years.

At Urbaneer, we’ve spent years honing our housing market expertise as Toronto realtors while building a business that hinges on top-notch client care. This includes our belief that the journey of homeownership stretches far beyond a home sale or purchase, and extends long after the transaction closes. For example, take the ‘in between’ stuff like the process of moving residences. We’ve written blogs sharing our tips – that you can link below – on creating a moving checklist, or how to move with kids or with pets.



When we’re moving the contents we use for our Style Enhancement Service between our storage location and the listings we’re bringing to market for sale – the company we always call is Cargo Cabbie! Having established a relationship with this fantastic firm in 2015, we’ve been using their services, sharing their advice on different types of moves on our blog, and recommending them to our clients ever since.

Recently, Cargo Cabbie contacted me to pick my brain about the state of Toronto’s condo market and ask me my top tips on how to choose the right condo for buying or renting in the city. My factors for consideration are featured in their article here –>Tips For Moving To A Condo: What To Know Before You Buy

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Our enduring partnership with Cargo Cabbie – has helped us serve our clients with all the details associated with a move – and helped create important information for anyone navigating a change of address. Here are some of our posts featuring Cargo Cabbie:

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Moving With Your Laughing Barking Brood?

Do you have children or furry friends to gently guide through a move?

Moving is stressful for everyone, particularly on moving days! These posts have some great insights:

Urbaneer’s Tips For Moving With Kids

Animal House: 8 Simple Rules To Moving With Dogs




Are You Making A Move?

Do you know where you’re going next and about to move imminently?

Check out our post –> Dear Urbaneer: What Preparations Do I Need To Make Before Moving Into My New Home?


Are You Relocating To Toronto?

Have you relocated to Toronto with just a suitcase?

This post may be helpful –> Dear Urbaneer: How Do I Best Equip And Furnish My Home? (+ Design Tips!)


Are You Or A Family Member Downsizing?

One of the more challenging moves is downsizing. Here are some of our informative posts that you may enjoy:

–> Dear Urbaneer: What Is The Best Process For My Elderly Parents To Downsize And Sell Their House?

–> Dear Urbaneer: Is It Time To Downsize My Property?

–> Urbaneer’s Secrets To Successfully Downsizing To Smaller Accommodations



Urbaneer.com recommends Cargo Cabbie.

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