West End YMCA At College And Dovercourt

College Street / Little Italy, Dufferin Grove / Bloorcourt Village

There are so many ways to get your mind and body healthy! And for those who live in the central west end, one of the best destinations is the West End YMCA!

The location was built over 100 years ago, though it underwent a comprehensive renovation in 2007. A few nifty historical details remain, including some stained-glass windows from the 1940s.



The general adult fee is $58 per month, plus a $85 joining fee. (The signup cost includes the 'mY Fitness Program', which entails an introductory tour/meeting with a trainer to help you figure out how to reach your goals, with a follow-up visit a few weeks later.) Regular personal training is available for an extra (but quite competitive) fee and one-on-one and group training opportunities are also offered.



There's a solid variety of fitness machines spread out across a handful of different rooms, including cardio machines, free weights, and stations for interval training. These rooms boast numerous treadmills and ellipticals, with built-in cable TVs for the easily bored. They also offer plenty of studio space, including squash courts, and an indoor walking/running track. And don't forget the pool!




The West End YMCA hosts a full roster of classes – about 160 per week! For adults, the class schedule includes (but isn't limited to) multiple types of yoga (hatha, kundalini, vinyasa, ashtanga), Arriba (a Zumba-style dance-based fitness class), spinning, barre, Pilates, kettlebell, TRX, GRAVITY, Capoeira, and CrossFit-style training. You can find the full fall 2015 Schedule here.

And if team sports are your thing, recreational and pick-up sports like basketball, volleyball and soccer are offered in the gymnasium.




There are separate locker rooms for adults and families, but the one for adults includes a whirlpool, steam room, and dry sauna. Small overnight lockers are available for ongoing rental, as well as a pay-as-you-go towel rental service ($2/towel, or $20 for a month of towel service).

The West End YMCA is open from 5:30am until midnight during the week; weekends hours are from 7am until 8pm.


Toronto West End YMCA
Phone: (416) 536-9622 | Fax (416) 536-3938
Email: memberservices@ymcagta.org
Twitter: @WestEndYMCA


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