Welcome to our new and improved urbaneer.com!


After much deliberation, discussion and feedback on how to upgrade our site, we knew it remained essential to keep our tried and true easy-to-navigate clean-lined look and format that users have come to appreciate, while adding a few missing ingredients including a rotating photo gallery with bigger pictures and locator map for our property offerings.

Plus, as you can see, we’re going blogorrific! With each blog posting we intend to give you a little more insight and a lot more personality on who we are and how we live, especially as we LOVE Toronto – the most dynamic progressive liberated multi-cultural city in the world! We are super excited to share with you – through our Innovative Space eyes – our perspective not only on real estate but also the arts, design, food and culture in the city we call Home! So check back soon for something a little different and a lot unique amidst the sea of ubiquitous real estate websites…and please know we are here to help with all your real estate needs!



Steven, Lynn and Vince

your urbaneer.com real estate team

– pioneering your new urban spirit! –

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