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Ok-so this weekend my Big Sister tied the knot after twenty-five years of cohabition with one swell-of-a-good guy!

Yea! Congrats Lea and Jim! Incidentally, you can read about Jim’s stag by clicking HERE.

The whole shebang was wicked from start to finish. Call it Non-Stop hilarity as only a family of troublemakers can get into.

What made it Special? For those attending nuptials in the near and distant future, here are a few Fudgarrific tips for making the most out of the day of reckoning.

First Idea! Red Clown Noses

When my nephew got married on a beach in Mexico last year, I decided to surprise the just-married newlyweds with a daring idea.

The moment the lovely couple were pronounced “Husband and Wife” and got lost in their first married kiss, the entire wedding party donned $1 Red Foam Clown Noses so when the bride and groom came up for air, we collectively surprised the happy couple to their delight.

Here’s a snap!

Guaranteed hilarity!

So when my Big Sister announced her wedding this year, I was stumped on how to top the brilliant red nose caper ( I thought it was brilliant!). My Solution?

Go Moustache!

This $1.49 fake moustache is wire covered in black ‘whiskers’ with a small clip to attach to one’s nostrils.

Pop one of these to each guest moments before the nuptials and shock the bridge and groom after their big kiss! 

Here are a few other great ideas for making a wedding a blast!


Nothing says “Amazing Friend” than acknowledging the Happy Couple with a Personal Toast after giving everyone a Sparkler.

After saying your magic, have everyone light their sparkler and raise their glass.

It’s totally a Kodak Moment!

Confetti Cannons!

Aside from the potential misery of vacuuming confetti inside, shooting off a few confetti cannons in 15, 30 and 60 foot showers is a great way to bring some colour to an otherwise drab wedding.

Make sure you request environmentally-friendly confetti cannons that are made from recycled paper…that way the bits may find their way into a bird’s nest for a stylish nest!

Glow Stick Bracelets!

Nothing beats a party that setting everyone aglow! You can buy singles or packages of 100. They’re an inexpensive way to rave out a wedding!

Fireworks! You may know I’m a lover of pyrotechnics. In fact, click HERE to read about my fascination. If the situation allows, have a one minute board of fireworks custom made so you can send up some Sparkle in honour of the day. I always hire Tom at to make mine!

Happy Weddings!

~ Steven 

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