We Love Wood Beams


If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know we are fanatical for the use of natural materials in architecture. We LOVE using wood, stone, glass and metal, as we think it is part of the essence in achieving Timeless Design.

Naturally, it’s part of our design philosophy in the renovation of our vintage shingle manse on Prince Edward Island.

We’re excited today because our contractor is installing the hundred year old barn beams we had salvaged and restored for installation in the tiny ‘Great Room’ of our Main Floor Suite on Upper Hillsborough in Charlottetown. Click HERE for our last installment that showed some of the progress.

Above is a pic of the beams taken some weeks back laying on a field being exposed to the elements to get that natural weathered patina

Below are some ‘real time of-the-moment’ pics of the beams being installed today. Notice how we had one of the beams cut into a U-channel so that it would slip over the steel I-beam required to support the upper levels of the house.

Things are really beginning to take shape as we move into the last few weeks of the renovation. Stay tuned for more of our finishing details!

And if you like, here is our blog on The Tales Of Upper Hillsborough.

~ Steven

Tales Of Upper Hillsborough

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