A Million Lights Are Dancing This Valentine’s Day!



Yup, we’re romantics! Aren’t you?

For the Urbaneer team, Valentine’s is our opportunity to acknowledge that whether Cupid is poised to strike or not, we love puppies with big eyes, chocolate mousse that tastes like air kissed with sugar, bubbles in our champagne, and clawfoot tubs!



So in honour of this tenth year of our beloved Valentine’s soundtracks, Steve chose Xanudu because “a million lights are dancing… and there you are!”

Yes, Steve was a teenager and, being the son of a mother who loved musicals it was very much his cuppa tea. Also, ’cause younger generations will NEVER know how much fun roller skating in the rink to disco was! Despite the movie being a flop, teenagers loved it!


The dance choreography was marvellous and Olivia Newtown John – at her peak of music popularity co-starring with beloved actor Gene Kelly who was almost 70 years old (in his final film performance, and he roller skated) were legends!



Xanadu was first released on August 8, 1980, and featured an unconventional, campy story that blended the golden age of 1940s MGM musicals with 1980s New Wave – augmented by mythological muses and rollerskating! It was a feel good romp, but it fell flat in theatres – quite spectacularly! In fact, it was also one of the driving forces behind the creation of the Golden Raspberry Awards, a.k.a., the ‘Razzies,’ which annually honours the not-so-best in film.

However, over the decades, Xanadu somehow become a bit of a cult classic, and even inspired a 2007 Broadway hit musical of the same name. (Forbes)


*Kerri Butler in Xanadu courtesy of Playbill.


And the music? Think quintessential 80s synth bops and ballads mixed with disco beats! Here’s a tidbit about the soundtrack, which sold well despite poor ticket sales at the theatre:

“Xanadu is the soundtrack to the 1980 musical film of the same name, featuring the Australian singer Olivia Newton-John and the British group Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). It was released in June 1980 on MCA Records in the United States and July 1980 by Jet Records in the United Kingdom.[5] The original LP release featured on side one the songs of Newton-John, and on side two the songs of ELO. In 2008 the soundtrack album was digitally remastered as a bonus CD as part of the film’s DVD release titled Xanadu: Magical Musical Edition.” (Wikipedia)



Romance, camp, and power ballads? This is why Xanadu is the perfect soundtrack for a love fest this Valentine’s Day!



Thanks for reading! I appreciate you!

~ Steve



May LOVE – in all its forms – be with you today and always!  If you’re curious to hear my personal picks for stellar love themes, here are my past V-Day posts:


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