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As we roll into 2018, I wanted to share with you the Top 5 Urbaneer posts of the year gone by (here’s last year’s roundup)! The Urbaneer Team and I always enjoy a little reflection at the end of every year, not just for the pleasant stroll down memory lane, but also because it helps us shape the content we hope will delight you in the year to come!

So, without further ado: A Year In Review!



#1 What You Need To Know About Canada’s New Mortgage Rule Changes

With all the finanacial upheaval this year, it’s no wonder a post like this was welcomed by our readers!

In October, the Federal Government has announced changes to Canada’s mortgage rules, which the Toronto Dominion Bank projected would further slow housing market activity, depressing demand by five per cent to 10 per cent once implemented. This remains to be seen!

At Urbaneer, when it comes to mortgage matters we often turn to Jake Abramowicz – aka MortgageJake. Always ready with an informed frank analysis, this post shared his assessment on the new mortgage rule changes, who it will affect, and how to avoid getting burned.



#2 7 Reasons Why Toronto Real Estate Prices Have Skyrocketed Over The Past Decade

A post like this one may have seemed contrarian in an era when blogs are increasingly bite-sized, but the length of this content was necessary; there are a multitude of factors which have shaped our unique real estate market, and I wanted to explore each in detail!

Although real estate has historically been cyclical, with ebbs and flows that see property values recede and accelerate over time, over the past decade a culmination of factors created a significant imbalance between supply and demand, sending Toronto property values soaring. And while the provincial and federal governments recently intervened in an effort to calm our real estate market, there have been some pretty broad trends which have fueled an increase in real estate prices.

Here I discuss 7 reasons that have contributed to prices escalating in Toronto over the past decade, and whether they’re still significant enough to keep the momentum of our market.



#3 Urbaneer’s Summer 2017 Toronto Real Estate Forecast Part Two: A Changing Market

This was the second installment of my Summer 2017 Forecast. As this summer was a major transition period for Toronto’s housing market (after the announcement of the government’s Fair Housing Plan in April), many readers tuned in to find out where real estate was headed for the rest of the year!

In this part, I discussed parallels between the Vancouver and Toronto housing markets, the effectiveness of various government housing initiatives, the impact of rising interest rates and new mortage stress tests, as well as what affordability will look like for Torontonians for the remainder of the year. Check it out and stay tuned for Urbaneer’s Winter Toronto Real Estate Forecast coming soon!



#4 The Wackadoodle Toronto Real Estate Market

This installment from myTales From The Real Estate Trenches, where I periodically offer anecdotal insights on the Toronto real estate market garnered a lot of attention. As a realtor who operates in the original City of Toronto, I like to keep my ‘finger on the pulse’ in all four quadrants of the market – specifically on the dynamics for both Buyers and Sellers in the Condominium and Freehold housing segments.

This post outlined all the major changes that were happenening with the market at the time – with some real time examples of how values were dropping substantially in some instances – to demonstrate how the government intervention was impacting market dynamics.



#5 May 2017 – Home of the Month – Ramsden Park Near Yorkville

In our May 2017 Home of the Month post – a feature which provides a snapshot of what Urbaneer.com’s Buyers have recently purchased in the City of Toronto – I share the tale our down-scaling buyer searching for a next ‘chapter of life’ residence, which entailed securing less (but enough) space in a more accessible less auto-reliant location. In this journey our buyer zeroed her search into the central core of the City – ideally Deer Park, Summerhill or Rosedale – near Yonge Street where she could engage in a pedestrian-friendly daily urban-village life. After all, why shouldn’t you life in the heart of the city where you can walk to all the cultural-amenities you crave? Check it out: there are lots of pretty pictures inside of the fabulous redesign too!!



May my team and I take this opportunity to thank our readers, clients, and colleagues for all of your support. We are so grateful to be part of the Toronto real estate industry! Wishing you a Happy New Year!

At urbaneer.com, we LOVE what we do, and consider ourselves most fortunate, both to be in the business that we are and to have the amazing clients that we do. The urbaneer team make it our mission to guide you from your first to final purchase, plus any property in between. Along with educating, advising and gently steering you, our mandate is to identify the best locations and properties within your budget, and recommend the appropriate dwellings that offer the best opportunity, whether it’s as a personal residence or part of your investment portfolio.

Thinking of selling? At urbaneer.com, we take great pride in offering you our insight and guidance to make your property the most ‘sellable’ it can be. Offering a comprehensive sales and marketing program including print ads, direct mail flyers, and a multi-faceted social media program, we also offer a design service, access to contractors, and a warehouse of home furnishings available as part of our competitive listing commission. With designer discounts, sterling trades, and connections to several of the city’s best purveyors of home furnishing product and fittings, we are your one stop real estate boutique that will pull out all the stops to enhance your property and attain top dollar,

It’s why my team and I are consistently one of Bosley’s Top Ten Realtors, out of over 250 associates. Want to know what some of our clients have said? Here’s some of our Urbaneer Testimonials!

If you, or someone you love, is looking for real estate expertise with a commitment to service, please know we’re here to help!


~ Steven

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