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Can you believe it’s almost October? Autumn is officially here!

To start, we bring you our Homewatch News contribution, ‘How To Stage Your Home For Sale‘.  How did staging come about exactly? There are varying accounts of how home staging began, the consensus is that in the mid-1970s, interior designer Barb Schwartz crossed over into residential real estate sales. She recognized the challenge of selling a home that wasn’t appropriately decorated or maintained. She also recognized the challenge in communicating this to the Sellers without offending them. She drove the concept of creating an environment (i.e. hence the name ‘staging’) that would help Buyers to emotionally connect to the home and be motivated to buy. Now, given the rise of HGTV – one of the most watched channels in North America – how has the idea of staging evolved? In this piece, we’ll explore just that! Our Homewatch newsletters are a special subset of our blog, which have been turned into direct mail pieces, and shared across various digital platforms. It’s part of our on-going marketing efforts that range from traditional print campaigns, to our informative blog and our growing social media presence on Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter.

We continue the tradition of sharing the homebuying journeys of select clients in our Home of The Month feature. The buyers we follow in this installment began their search by exploring whether they should purchase a larger 3bed condo or townhouse as close to downtown core for the ease of commuting – acknowledging that it would have to have a lower acquisition cost given the often hefty common fees associated with this dwelling type – or purchase a freehold dwelling. The freehold dwelling would be a bit farther out of the downtown core, where they would potentially have more interior space plus a garden, although it would require a longer commute to work.The story unfolds here – read on!

This month, our Dear Urbaneer series is entitled, ‘Should I Renovate My House In Stages Or Do A Full Gut?‘  Taking on renovations is almost always stressful in one way or another. For the most part, the bigger the project, the higher the potential for unforeseen problems and the more complicated the process. This is why it’s critical to engage in some serious planning before you embark on making changings to your dwelling. This includes prioritizing everything you hope to undertake during your ownership; start with the immediate ‘must-do’s’, like repairs,  before moving to ongoing maintenance and possible upgrades in the near future, and finishing with the ‘dream objectives’ that will see your transform the property into your ideal shelter. By outlining everything first and marrying it to your overall time frame of ownership and finances (are you moving in 3-5 years, 7-12 years, or after 20+ years?), you can create a timeline to realize your objectives. We discuss the different methods for executing those objectives here!

Blogging is how we share our love of real estate, culture, the urban lifestyle, and Toronto! Without a doubt, this month most popular post was: “Ten Toronto New Builds That Recently Sold For Between $2M And $10M” It featured a collection of properties – in neighbourhoods across the original City Of Toronto – that had recently undergone significant renovations or where the structures were new builds. These examples demonstrate how – on a larger scale – our urban fabric is changing, not through the renovation of the existing housing stock (which is a significant factor in gentrification) but in the acquisition of homes that are torn down and then substantially rebuilt or undergo entirely new construction into luxury single family residences. Plus – pretty pictures! If you’re a lover of ‘house porn’, this post is for you!

Our second most read post was an exploration of how Buyers and Sellers should adapt if Toronto real estate market conditions shift this fall: “Will We Be Adjusting To A New Toronto Real Estate Market This Autumn?” Every summer in Toronto, as part of our collective recovery from another harsh Canadian winter, we find solace in barbecues, beach time, cottage respites, and vacation time. All of these distractions result in the Toronto real estate market succumbing to a doldrums of sorts, where there are fewer sellers, fewer buyers, and fewer realtors, engaged in the trade of property. Now that autumn is here and we’re back to business, the big question for most everyone in the trade of real estate is: “Will Autumn prompt a recurrence of the ramped-up pace we experienced in the Spring, or will it falter due to an ‘exhaustion movement’ or a major change in housing supply?” Follow the discussion in the full post!

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