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It’s the month of back-to-school and back-to-routine! And while you’re easing into the swing of things – after the lazy, hazy summer months – give our September 2017 e-newsletter a read! Here is what you’ll find inside:

First, we share our Homewatch News contribution, ‘How To Survive Home Renovations’.

Home renovations are a commonplace activity in the city of Toronto, especially given the age of many of the (affordable!) homes in the city. But there are many pitfalls (emotional, financial, and otherwise) that can be encountered along the journey; home renovations can be particularly hard on relationships. In this piece, we offer advice on how to save your sanity! Many of our Homewatch newsletters have been turned into direct mail pieces, delivered to around 40,000 Toronto households. It’s part of our on-going marketing efforts that range from traditional print campaigns – like advertising our Innovative Space ad in the Friday Globe and Mail newspaper (for over twenty years) – to our informative blog and our growing social media presence on Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter.

Each month we share the tale of what one of our buyers have recently purchased in our Home of The Month feature. This month’s buy comes from Urbaneer team member Carl Laudan, whose Buyers were searching for a detched freehold property for less than $1,000,000, that still satisfied all of their desires for their dream home. These Buyers were considering a fixer-upper in order to remain under the $1M price point; in Ontario the downpayment rules require 20% down on properties over $1M, which these Buyers were unable to procure, after they budgeted for steep closing costs and double land transfer taxes. Join Carl as he recounts the experience of navigating downpayment rules, fretting over financing, and digging deep into his negotiation tool kit! Enjoy!

September’s installment of our Dear Urbaneer series is entitled, ‘Should We Raise Our Kid In A Condo?’  This time around, we’re advising a couple who currently own a condo and are looking to transition up the property ladder in anticipation of having a family: “Dear Urbaneer: When I think back to my childhood, I see myself in a comfortable home with a yard enmeshed in a community that was a great place to grow up. I’d always imagined the same for my children. However, now that we are ready to start a family and are looking for a home to accommodate our changing space and lifestyle needs, we are discovering that a single family home is out of our price range.  Originally, we had thought that we’d trade in our current condo for a slightly larger one, and eventually leapfrog our way up the property ladder into a house. But, given prices, this inevitably means moving to the suburbs where it’s more affordable, but that  doesn’t really appeal to us. Which prompts the question, is it ok to raise a kid in a downtown condo?” Check out the full post!

As realtors, writers, and avid social media participants – not to mention lovers of all things real estate – our Urbaneer team shares a bunch of blogs each week. According to Urbaneer.com’s September stats, Both of our most read blogs were about marketing real estate: Marketing Your Toronto Real Estate With Urbaneer’s Steven Fudge and Marketing Your Home With Urbaneer: Social Media. If you’re considering selling your slice of the Toronto real estate pie, this double dose of sales sacrement – including Urbaneer’s comprehensive marketing program – offers detailed strategies and numerous actionable market steps. Don’t miss it!

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And – for lovers of unique urban spaces – don’t miss our sensational Toronto real estate listed for sale or lease on our site for your consideration!

We LOVE Toronto real estate!

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