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Summer has morphed into fall rather quietly, as it does every year, with the colours changing gradually, the light getting less apparent and the thermometer retreating slightly. Similarly, there is a seamless transition in the Toronto housing market this year from season to season, as its momentum charges on, with an energy all its own. As everyone returns to work, or goes back to school, we ask whether the real estate market continue to boom? This is the question urbaneer.com explores in this month’s newsletter!

In this month’s issue you can read our Fall 2013 Real Estate Forecast which examines the dynamics of Toronto’s real estate market. We also tackle why so many downtown houses are being substantially renovated these days (hint: Toronto’s housing stock has collectively surpassed its economic lifespan and they’re falling apart), and showcase one such example in our September Home Of The Month post featuring a vintage corner store in the Wallace Emerson neighbourhood.

Given the media’s anxiety over the condominium market, we took the liberty to write a newsletter on “How To Evaluate A Condominium”, which offers some sensible advice on what factors you should address when choosing what to buy. This is essential information, and exactly the kind of knowledge we impart when educating our clients. For all the complexity of the real estate market, a newsletter like this (along with the several dozens available on our HomeWatch Newsletter Page), makes navigating your property search a little bit easier.

And, with relish, we share the story on how we placed one of our Buyers into a Toronto Life ‘House Of The Week’, strategically beating six other purchasers in competition.

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