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In our October issue, we explore:

This month, our HomeWatch newsletter entitled Eight Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home’ offers 8 strategies (our favorites!) to increase the value of your home, particularly in the context of preparing it for sale. In this piece, we combine our knowledge of what catches the eyes of potential Buyers, with budget-friendly renovations and revitalization! Our exploration of this topic is shared as one of our direct mail newsletters which routinely reaches over 40,000 households each month, which is just part of our on-going marketing efforts ranging from advertising our renown Innovative Space ad in most Friday issues of The Globe and Mail (as we have done for over twenty years), along with our presence on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

This month, we debuted Urbaneer's Toronto Real Estate Fall 2014 Forecast Part 1! Many market factors still linger from the whirlwind Spring market: freehold housing prices continue to climb with fervor, interest rates remain low, and there is a potential oversupply of condominiums. Our advice to potential Buyers is this: knowledge and caution are your best tools when searching for a new home. At Urbaneer, our wealth of experience can help you navigate the intense highs and lows of buying and selling real estate!

Our resident newlywed, Kelly MacMillan, continues to journal her experiences sharing a home in, Marriage 101: Who (or What) is in Charge? (with Cat Pictures!). While every Buyer has a 'must-have' that dictates the direction of their property search, Kellye admits that it is her feline companions that are steering the ship. She asserts that while this may make her and her new husband tricky real estate clients, it has also caused her to become a better realtor, because she more readily recognizes and respects the unique needs of human, animal, and space.

In this month's installment of Dear Urbaneer, entitled, Help! We Want to Renovate, And Keep Our Relationship Intact, we advise a smart couple who feel they are renovation-ready, but want to avoid common pitfalls as well as relationship strain. We offer a pre-renovation checklist that will help them get organized before the hammer's (and figurative fists) start swinging. Find mutual ground when it comes to design preferences, set a renovation budget, expect it to take twice as long, and negotiate every decision with an eye for compromise. Read the piece in full for all of our recommendations!

Each month we like to share the story of one of our dedicated Buyers and their home-buying journey. In our October Home Of The Month blog, we focus on a couple with a young child who recently returned to Toronto after years away. Instead of trying to negotiate a new home long-distance – and in an effort to cut down on stress and hassle – they decided to live in rental accommodations while they explored the market. The Annex, with it's Victorian and Edwardian row, semi, and detached homes caught their interest, but their budget proved limiting. Find out how we found this couple a space with the classic architecture and character they desired, in a Triple AAA location, with a perfect price tag!

And don't miss the sensational unique urban homes listed for sale and lease for your consideration!

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Real Estate

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