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In this month’s issue you can read our newsletter on the Fall 2013 Real Estate Forecast – Part One which examines the dynamics of Toronto’s real estate market. We also showcase what one of our International Buyers purchased as a long term investment in our October Home Of The Month post featuring a vintage loft in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood.

Given the media’s trepidation over the condominium market, and one of our client’s queries, we took the liberty to write this month’s ‘Dear Urbaneer’ post on “Understanding Condominium Common Element Fees”, which offers a synopsis on how condominium corporations operate, and why some buildings have monthly fees which are significantly higher than others. This is essential information, and exactly the kind of knowledge we impart when educating our clients. For all the complexity of the real estate market, we hope posts like these make navigating your property search a little bit easier.

And, with delight, we share the story on how we placed one of our Buyers into a property for just $100 more than the competing bid, strategically beating six other purchasers in competition!

Want a giggle? In this edition we also link to a hysterical British website called “Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos” which shares some crazy stories, and pics, of the darker side of real estate.

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