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To give you an idea of what this issue is all about, here is a synopsis of our November issue:

First, we share our Homewatch newsletter called 'Why Is It So Hard Buy the House I Want?' In this installment, we discuss how to put yourself in a realistic and healthy mindset before you begin your property search. After all, knowledge and perspective are your greatest assets in navigating the emotional rollercoaster that is searching for a property in Toronto! As it's often very easy to get caught up in stories from friends and inflammatory headlines, we often advise clients to stop, breathe and think; be honest about what property features will make you truly happy in the coming years, and what concessions you're willing to make. This newsletter will imminently become a direct mail flyer – with our listings prominently featured on the back panel – which will be delivered to over 40,000 Toronto households. It's part of our on-going marketing efforts that range from traditional print campaigns to our social media presence on Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter.

Have you ever read our Buy of the Month feature? These posts provide a snap shot of what urbaneer.com's clients have recently purchased in the City of Toronto. Our November 2015 Buy Of The Month post focuses on Danforth Village. We share the tale of first time Buyers – a young couple with a toddler – looking to get into the market, who were ultimately bestowed with good fortune in their house hunt search. Referred by a past urbaneer client, they indicated that – while they loved their South Annex/Little Italy neighbourhood – they were well aware that the prices for a freehold dwelling were likely above their preferred $700,0000 price range. Which, unfortunately, was very much the case. But the endeavour turned out to be more extraordinary than anticipated… read the full feature to find out why!

This month, our Dear Urbaneer series is called, 'Dear Urbaneer: Is It Better To Invest In Stocks Or Real Estate?' In it, proprietor Steve Fudge answers the client question: “I’m looking to buy a home with a long-term plan to help build up the asset side of my own personal balance sheet. Given the heat of the Toronto market, doesn’t it make sense to bulk up on real estate investment vs. stocks? I know that there are risks in investing period, but doesn’t it seem like real estate’s upside keeps climbing? Am I accurate?” In his response, Steve discusses advantages and disadvantages of various investments, limiting risk, and reaping rewards – check it out!

One of our most popular blogs was our 'Urbaneer Toronto Real Estate Fall 2015 Forecast'. It's been a crazy fall market that has left a lot of realtors – and Buyers – oscillating at a frenetic pace. Yup, there's no question the Toronto housing market continues to speed along. However, despite the robustness of the market, we seasoned realtors like I whom have weathered a market adjustment (hello Toronto 1989 to 1995!) remember the lingering possibilitythat the entire house of cards could collapse. In our real estate forecast this season, we examine some of the persistent factors that buoy and potentially threaten – or at the very least – alter the market. In Part One we’ll look at what the media is saying about Toronto and about the role of its ever-controversial booming condominium market. It's a must-read!

Another popular blog this month was a culture piece entitled 'Art Galleries Are The Vanguard Of Emerging Toronto Neighbourhoods'. In the gallery world, there appears to be an exodus of galleries from smaller, storefront spaces on busy streets in the Dundas West, Ossington, and Queen West neighbourhoods, to locations even further west and north; a primary reason for this migration is the skyrocketing rent for commercial spaces in the downtown core, even as available square footage continues to shrink. The movement of multiple cultural institutions like Toronto's best art galleries inevitably begins to transform a neighbourhood, and so this vanguard of 'West-of-Lansdowne' galleries is almost certainly a harbinger of change – on top of the rebirth that is already occurring. Expect more hip entrepreneurs and restaurateurs to follow, as well as more additions to the Bloor West condo, townhouse, and loft conversion offerings. This is an intriguing read, especially if you're looking for a new 'hood to call home!

And, if you're keen to see what's special in the world of Toronto real estate, don't miss these unique urban homes for sale!

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