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I’ve written about COVID-19 quite a bit this past month, both in terms of real estate, and in relation to the changes to our day-to-day lives. Staying informed is critical, so I encourage you to read these pandemic pieces (and my other regular posts) on Urbaneer.com. In this difficult time, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the current state of real estate in Toronto, and how to plan for future purchases and sales. Please do not hesitate to reach out.

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For May, our Dear Urbaneer post is entitled, ‘Dear Urbaneer: Unpacking The Metrics Behind Toronto Condo Fees‘  In this installment, we talk about condo fees and how you can break them down to compare value. Although the monthly maintenance fees can vary a great deal between condominium corporations, they are usually calculated the same way and fluctuate based on similar factors. It’s important to understand these metrics, as it is an essential part of not only anticipating your expenses associated with different condominiums but also to help you compare units. Read more here.

Next, we share our May Homewatch News blog, ‘How To Purchase A Condominium Pre-Construction And Why You Might Want To‘. With more and more homebuyers favouring condominiums as an affordable housing type and the fact it’s the only new supply of housing being created in the central core of the city, buying a condo preconstruction is commonplace. It’s critical you research the developer before proceeding with a purchase, especially when it comes to buying a condominium where there are many variables to consider. I’ve had the good fortune of working with some fantastic developers and some not-so-good groups, so I encourage you to do your homework. In this blog, we help you do just that!

The Urbaneer Team posts multiple blogs every week, where we share our love of all things real estate and Toronto! Thus month, our most read blog was, Hello Toronto, Ontario, Canada! Make Your Home A ‘Net Zero’ Hero.  Our shelter should be healthy, be easily maintained, produce food and water, cause no pollution, and be entirely self-sustaining. While this is far from the reality we live in at the moment, one such environmentally-friendly choice gaining momentum is the construction of  – or conversion of existing dwellings into – Net Zero homes. In an ideal world, we would all be producing energy, instead of only consuming it!

The second most popular post was ‘With COVID-19 Outbreaks In Long-Term Care Facilities, Is Multi-Generational Housing Better?‘. The rise of multi-generational housing in Canada has been trending for a while now, particularly in cities like Toronto and Vancouver where a lack of supply and high housing prices have forced homebuyers to look for creative solutions to achieve their homeownership dreams. With aging parents requiring assistance and the cost of child care both very high, having multiple generations under one roof can be more economically and emotionally beneficial to the whole family unit. Now that COVID-19 has ravaged so many long-term care facilities, we posit that we may soon see this trend strengthen!

We’re proud that our post ‘Demand For ‘Forever Homes’ In Toronto’s Downtown Family Neighbourhoods Persists Despite COVID-19‘ was very well-read – even though it’s only been live for two days!! It it we discuss the professional class  whose lives have been disrupted to a lesser degree during COVID-19 and who are still very much on the house hunt! We dive into what makes a neighbourhood family friendly and why there’s so much competition for the 4bed+ detached ‘forver homes’!

And – for lovers of unique urban spaces – take a peek at all of the sensational slices of Toronto real estate that we’ve had the pleasure and privilege of selling over the years!


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