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First, we share our newsletter called 'Correction or Crash? Urbaneer’s Spring 2014 Forecast Part 1'. It's a synopsis of our full Spring Real Estate Forecast which we turned into a direct mail piece delivered to 40,000 Toronto households this month. It's part of our on-going marketing efforts that range from traditional print campaigns like advertising our Innovative Space ad in the Friday Globe and Mail newspaper (for over twenty years), to our social media presence on google+, facebook and twitter.

Each month we share the tale of what one of our buyers bought in our 'Home Of The Month' Feature. This month we share one of the best parts of a realtor's life, which is being witness to the bloom of love. Adorable girl meets cute boy…they date, become smitten, and after a suitable (or whirlwind) courtship said couple cohabitate in their newly purchased place of domestic bliss. This white picket fence fairy tale of everyday life makes this curmudgeon smile every time. And the house they bought in Corso Italia near St. Clair and Lansdowne is a gem!

We also share our second installment of our 'Spring 2014 Forecast' where we where we will glimpse at and ponder the stories behind two of the Toronto property market’s most influential players: interest rates and the condominium market. In the condo market, inventory continues to flood the marketplace at a rapid pace. Buildings are getting taller, and units that mirror each other in size, shape and character (or lack thereof in some instances) are becoming more and more abundant at a rate that far outpaces the freehold market. Add to the mix, these new condos are having a hard time competing with the inventory becoming available on the resale market. This trend is expected to continue.

In this month's 'Dear Urbaneer' post called “How Can I Make An Emotional Connection Through my Home?” we explore how we optimize our dwellings to make them 'feel like Home', whether that is through cleaning, decorating or renovating it to suit. We're fascinated how some properties have that 'feel good' energy of a well-loved home, while others feel completely placeless or devoid of love.

There is an interesting post-wedding phenomenon that is rarely discussed: the loads of free time and resulting letdown. In our amusing 'Marriage 101: Because After Your Wedding Comes the Open House' team member Kellye Macmillan offers her advice in charting the next chapter of married life; namely embrace all of your gloriously confusing free time discovering each other and your idea of domesticity by attending 'Open Houses!'. Talk about two birds with one stone! Visiting open houses is a great first step in the home buying process and the perfect way to spend a sunny spring afternoon. What better way to get to know your betrothed!

Plus, we're featuring all our unique urban spaces listed for sale or rent, for your consideration!

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Real Estate

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