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First, we share our newsletter called 'Relying On The Bank Of Mom And Dad'. It addresses some of the complexities Buyers and their parents might face when making a family purchase, or even just loaning your children money. As altruistic as you may be in helping your children out, it's essential that you consider all the factors which have bearing on a real estate purchase.

We also feature in this month's 'Dear Urbaneer' post the different ways one might establish the value of property. If your insurance company or lender are assessing your dwelling, the value they might appraise your property at could be substantially different than what the market might pay. Here we address the three different approaches to determining value. They each use different criteria to determine what real estate is worth.

Each month we share the tale of what one of our buyers bought in our 'Home Of The Month' Feature. This month our delightful professional urbanites, who recently relocated to Toronto, were shocked to see how the bidding wars were driving up prices on even the smallest of homes. Their strategy? Upgrade into a vintage purpose-built duplex in a Triple AAA location where the income stream, and potential upside, will see their net worth grow faster while gaining more living space for a lower monthly carrying-cost. These buyers made an intelligent purchase that will serve them for the long term! Well-done!

We also share our altruistic efforts to serve Canadian students to the best of our abilities in our post called 'Why Houseporn.ca Has Meaning'! And for a more light-hearted look at the housing industry, we share one of our biggest pet peeves in the post called 'Staging Nightmare'! It's a real giggle.

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