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First, we share our Homewatch newsletter, entitled, 'The House of Cards: Urbaneer's Spring 2015 Toronto Real Estate Part Two'. The market is complex, requiring each Buyer to navigate a property matrix specific to them, that balances the factors of price, condition and location. Gathering, processing and reconciling the ample, frequent data and media reports that surround a real estate market which is constantly oscillating is no easy feat. That's precisely why we create seasonal forecasts: to help you navigate what can be a trying process both emotionally and psychologically. In Part Two of our Spring Forecast we take a look at 'interest rate drama' and the ever-changing, potentially volatile condominium market. In order to better share that information with you, this newsletter was converted into a direct mail piece and delivered to around 40,000 Toronto households this month. It's part of our on-going marketing efforts that range from traditional print campaigns like advertising our Innovative Space ad in the Friday Globe and Mail (as we have done for over twenty years), along with our presence on Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter.

This month, our Dear Urbaneer series post is called, 'Dear Urbaneer: What's Behind This Crazy Toronto Real Estate Market?' In this popular piece, we respond to the following client question: “Dear urbaneer: The other night I was at a dinner party when the conversation turned to the Toronto housing market. People were commiserating on the emotional perils involved in bidding wars, and the shocking lengths they had to stretch financially to secure the property they wanted. What we all agreed on was how the real estate market keeps getting hotter. But where we differed was on the reasons why this market keeps steaming ahead. While most argued it's about supply and demand, I think it’s more complicated than that – especially because of the strength and length of this market boom. Can you settle this dispute?” We love questions like this – be sure to read our advice!

Each month we like to share the story of one of our dedicated Buyers and their home-buying journey. If you're a regular reader of these posts, you know we help all kinds of purchasers including first time and move-up buyers, down-scaling zoomers, investors, and people relocating to Toronto. In the June installment of our monthly Buy Of The Month blog series, we focus on the Kensington Market neighbourhood, and two Buyers who, despite finding the perfect property, had to show patience and restraint, and whole-heartedly subscribe to the belief that the universe would truly manifest their domestic destiny. To read the full story and peruse some photos of their fantastic new home, tune in to our blog!

While Torontonians span the gradient from extremely frugal to financial over-indulgers, it can't be denied that we all love to see a 'Sale' sign, or find twenty dollars in the pocket of an old jacket; no matter whom you ask, we all want to save money. One of our more popular posts this month was an information peice in which we discussed the features or amenities that raise your home insurance by the largest margins. For example, if your home has a wood stove, expect to pay an extra premium. Check out the blog to find the full list of features to know what might increase your insurance!

Recently, Discover Charlottetown invited me to write a guest blog on how I came to purchase – and then radically transform – a dilapidated triplex in downtown Charlottetown, PEI. For the past few years, I've been sharing the journey through a blog here called The Tales Of Upper Hillsborough – it's an entertaining read! While the ride was certainly overwhelming at times, navigating the pitfalls of rebuilding an 1880s manse has provided me the ideal foundation for my newest project elevating a 1960s purpose-built duplex in Toronto I call The Tales of Tennis Crescent.

And don't miss the sensational unique urban homes listed for sale or lease here on our site for your consideration! We LOVE Toronto real estate!

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