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To begin, our HomeWatch Newsletter, Understanding the Development Process Part 2, continues a discussion we began in November concerning the highs and lows of building construction. We questioned what the necessary steps – and possible pitfalls – might be in order to take a project from inception to completion. In Toronto, we are already seeing a move towards contracts that allow greater flexibility for when a condo is completed, given how many developers end up straying from their proposed timeline – and don't want to pay consumer penalties!

In January's Dear Urbaneer post, a reader asks, 'How Do I Get Financially Fit?' This time around, we enlist the help of our guest panel John Filice and Militsa Fiuza from Invis.ca to help our industrious client tackle his New Year’s Resolutions. Together, we make suggestions for moving towards more financial prudence. Our friends at Invis compiled a list of Top 10 Mortgage Tips for a Smart 2015, which covers a number of different bases in the mortgage department, and will help you get your home-owning finances in tip-top shape!

Each month we like to share the story of one of our dedicated Buyers and their home-buying journey. In our January Home Of The Month feature, we focus on an engaging pair of early-30-something professionals expecting their first child who came to us 2 years ago after they had sold their first condominium and were in a temporary rental accommodations. Finding that traditionally hip and popular neighbourhoods like Riverdale weren't providing enough bang for their buck, we refocused our search on Davisville Village in midtown, known for it's beautiful detached homes and coveted school districts.

Our very own Steven Fudge, a lover of architecture, landscape, design, products and all things Toronto real estate – not to mention an extremely proud Canadian – has built his career in the shelter industry, by renovating, designing, developing and marketing unique urban homes in the City of Toronto. In our blog Where Does Urbaneer's Steven Fudge Live, he showcases his latest renovation and current digs, The Movie House Loft. Check out the dazzling snapshots here. With such a talented realtor and designer steering our company, it's no wonder that many clients opt for an Urbaneer Style Enhancement when it comes time to sell their homes!

With New Year celebrations fresh in our minds, we thought it was a perfect time to reflect on Toronto's Best Houses and Condos of 2014. Modeled after a popular segment by one of our fav 'zines, 'Toronto Life', this piece showcases many of the great properties that were bought and sold in the past year. We hope that this feature gives you a better sense of the kinds of properties we sell, and the reasons why!

This month we feature another engaging installment of Kellye's Marriage 101 series, entitled, 5 Things To Toss When You Move In Together. Equal parts hilarious and wise, Kellye's blog follows her journey to purge her home of excess “stuff”, after she and her new husband combined their respective belongings into an 800-square-foot space. Disorganization, clutter and excess in your home can have a negative impact on your health, emotional state, and your relationship. As such, Kellye advises not putting off your purge, but does suggest that you break down long-term plans into smaller, measurable, and achievable goals. Do you sympathize with the struggle of throwing out belongings that you are convinced you “might need one day?” Find out if Kellye successfully fought her way to a more organized and clutter-free living space!

And don't miss our sensational unique urban homes and other Toronto real estate offered for your consideration!

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