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In our February 2015 issue, we explore:

Our HomeWatch newsletter entitled 'High-Rise Versus Low-Rise: Exploring The Toronto Real Estate Gap' provides explanations for the growing price divide between high-rise condominiums and detached freehold housing. In this piece, we discuss the influential factors of supply and demand, as well as the impact of land-use policies on these dual plotlines of the Toronto real estate market! Will the gap close? Will prices level out? Read the full post to learn more! Our exploration is shared as one of our direct mail newsletters which routinely reaches over 40,000 households each month, which is just part of our on-going marketing efforts ranging from advertising our renown Innovative Space ad in most Friday issues of The Globe and Mail (as we have done for over twenty years), along with our presence on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

In this month's installment of Dear urbaneer, entitled, How Much Profit Should I Expect Climbing the Property Ladder, we advise a discouraged property owner, who feels her ladder may be missing some rungs. After buying and selling two homes, she wonders why she is not seeing more substantial profits. In response, we remind this property owner about the importance of being realistic and not always trusting the 'big numbers' that others throw around. Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, we reinforce that the property ladder is for climbing, not hopping. Read the full story here!

Have you ever read our Home Of The Month features? They provide a snap shot of what urbaneer.com's clients have recently purchased in the City of Toronto. Our February 2015 Home Of The Month post focuses on a property in Dufferin Grove in Toronto's west end. Our Buyer – who had just returned from New York City after years abroad – enlisted our services to find a 3-bedroom house that had good bones, would afford her the opportunity to do some light renovations, and, if possible, would be compatible with creating an income suite. Our Buyer, with our guidance, embarked on a vertical learning curve on the often-contradictory freehold housing market. Initially determined not to exceed her modest and well-researched budget, she quickly realized (much to her credit) that not all entry-level freehold housing is created equally. Find out what we found and for how much!

One of our most popular pieces in February was our post entitled, The Literal Sale, Literally. At urbaneer, we believe that honesty and trust are paramount in building lasting relationships in real estate. Some properties we've been asked to sell fall into the 'challenging but sellable' category, thanks to a particular undesirable quality (like a nearby 6-lane highway or backyard sinkhole). The key to selling such properties is to come up with a clever advertising campaign and, most importantly, to tackle the limitation literally; it's the right thing to do so that the seller and realtor will be operating in the spirit of full disclosure. This means we have to work a bit harder, but we maintain our integrity and inspire trust. Learn more about how we do it here, including some examples of properties we've marketed in clever – and literal – ways.

Our design-centric blog this month focuses on art rails – have you heard of them? Steven Fudge, through his many renovations and restorations has always harboured a deep love of art rails and spot lighting. Just look at some of the examples from his past homes! One of the many things that Steven has learned as a designer is that he doesn't need a lot of wall space to feature art, but when an extensive collection is involved, he does have to get clever about it! See how he does it in the post, I Loves Me an Art Rail.

And don't miss the sensational unique urban homes listed for sale and lease for your consideration!

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