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To start, we bring you our Homewatch News contribution, ‘How To Elevate The Value Of Your Outdoor Urban Space‘. When it comes to having a personal slice of paradise, I find Buyers either absolutley insist on having the capacity to walk out from their suite onto a balcony, patio or garden, or it’s not much of a priority at all. For those who consider outdoor space an essential requirement of Home, elevating it is a great way to turn it into a value asset and major selling feature. By expanding your living space into a personal outdoor refuge, you’re creating the opportunity to express your personal style while increasing your resale value! Our Homewatch newsletters are a special subset of our blog, which have been turned into direct mail pieces, and shared across various digital platforms. It’s part of our on-going marketing efforts that range from traditional print campaigns, to our informative blog and our growing social media presence on Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter.

We continue the tradition of sharing the homebuying journeys of select clients in our Home of The Month feature. For August, we follow a pair of newlyweds who found themselves embroiled in the intensity of this year’s spring market! These Buyers were seeking the highly-coveted but rare unicorn of a dwelling that would allow them to put their personal stamp on it, without having to undertake a substantial renovation. Properties like these don’t come to market frequently in downtown Toronto, as the majority of housing stock in or near downtown is either 80-100+ years old, or brand new. This is unfortunate, given there is a large market of Buyers whose Wish List includes a house which is structurally sound, has updated mechanical systems and building components, but ideally is simply aesthetically dated, tired, or obsolete in its finishes and fittings. In opther words, ripe for a custom design elevation! Did they manage to find the holy grail? The story unfolds here – read on!

This month, our Dear Urbaneer series is entitled, ‘Can I Sell Part Of My House For Co-Ownership?‘ This particular client is wondering about cashing out on part of their home equity through co-ownership; specifically, they are considering selling the rental suite in their home to their tenants. The idea of a group of individuals collectively owning a single home has great potential a city where property values have grown at a rate that far outpaces incomes, and where land scarcity and availability of low-rise traditional houses have become serious barriers against homeownership. If a co-ownership model could be adapted to our existing housing stock without too much red tape, building code requirements, and financing obstacles, not only would homeownership be more accessible and affordable, but it could provide many of the same social and community values that accompany traditional homeownership – just in a non-traditional way. In addition to the possibility of significantly more housing options, there would also be pragmatic upsides. Find out the pros and cons here!

We love bloggin and sharing recent real estate and culture info with you. Without a doubt, this month most popular post was our take on rising home prices in neighbourhoods bordering one of Toronto’s most well-used thoroughfares: ‘How Toronto Real Estate Near Queen Street – East & West – Is Climbing In Value.  Part of the evolution of cities includes the changing dynamics of neighbourhoods, which at any given time have their own life cycles shaped and moulded by the social, economic, civic, and physical dynamics in play in a community, in addition to how consumer tastes and trends in culture also influence their evolution. As each of these factors fluctuate, so too do the character and composition of the area. While some urban neighbourhoods can be relatively stable in their flux – others may undergo more pronounced declines. In Toronto, Queen Street – both east and west – serves as a great example of how our real estate landscape continues to change.

Our second most read post was an in-depth investigation of gentrification in the City of Toronto and an exploration of how neighbourhoods are created and evolve: ‘Gentrification, Densification, And The History Of Toronto Real Estate‘. This popular piece provides an overview of the city’s housing history, combined with insights and observations Steven Fudge has gained over 26 years as a Toronto relator. In particular, Steven discusses diasporic settlement patterns, gentrification, and the evolution and lifecycle of neighbourhoods!

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