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To begin, we share our HomeWatch Newsletter called 'Interest Rates, Affordability and the Toronto Housing Boom'. It discusses how the affordability of Toronto housing is affected by interest rates that have reached historic lows. As the state of these rates makes it easier for Buyers to borrow greater sums of money and to afford larger mortgages, our newsletter outlines the danger of jumping on the 'buy-now-pay-later' band wagon, and emphasizes that the best buy is the intelligent buy. We turned this newsletter into a direct mail piece, which routinely reaches over 40,000 households. This is just part of our on-going marketing efforts, which range from advertising our well-known Innovative Space ads in the Friday Globe and Mail (as we have done for over twenty years), to increasing our presence on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. We do love to tweet!

Each month we like to share the story of what one of our Buyers bought in our 'Home of the Month' feature. In August, we showcased an engaging couple who had to balance their budget and location in order to serve both their needs. Facing very opposite work commutes, they were delighted to find an easy compromise in The Danforth neighbourhood, and soon discovered a semi-detached property on a quiet, tree-lined street that they could truly picture as 'home'. After negotiating aggressively in the face of multiple offers, our Buyers became the proud owners of the beautifully-upgraded 3-bedroom home that boasts a completely renovated kitchen and a finished basement. How amazing is that? These are the real estate stories we love to help write! 

In this month's 'Dear Urbaneer' post entitled “Dear Urbaneer: My Neighbour Received Multiple Offers A Few Months Ago… Shouldn't I Expect The Same?” we explore the fluidity of the dynamic Toronto real estate market, and highlight the importance of trying to understand current market activity in the context of where it's been and where it might be going. While it is critical to accept that every situation is unique and subject to a myriad of variables, we propose that when a Seller can balance the location and condition of a house with a fair market price, a much-desired bidding war is likely to ensue. Here, we offer the advice that any selling strategy must be based on up-to-date information and realistic expectations. 

If you're a reno junky, you'll love our post called “Welcome To The Tales Of Tennis Crescent In Riverdale”. In it, owner Steven Fudge shares the trials and successes of purchasing an investment property, and discusses the ever-important questions of “Why now?” and “Why this property?”. He also shares wisdom from past personal real estate transactions, and unveils some of his inspiring design concepts for Tennis Crescent. Best of all, you'll be able to track Steven's journey through future posts!

Speaking of ongoing journeys, this month we were treated to another installment of 'Marriage 101' from our resident newlywed, Kellye. This post, entitled, “Love Me, Love My Owl Lamp” explores the often tricky experience of beginning a new cohabitation, merging your belongings, and coming to terms with your partner's design tastes. Kellye, as always, offers up some wonderfully entertaining insight, paired with down-to-earth advice. 

Plus, don't miss the rather spectacular unique urban spaces listed for sale and lease for your consideration!

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