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First, we share our newsletter called 'Chapters Of Life: The Value Of Home'. It addresses how we optimize our dwellings to make them 'feel like Home', whether that is through cleaning, decorating or renovating it to suit. We're fascinated how some properties have that 'feel good' energy of a well-loved home, while others feel completely placeless or devoid of love.

Each month we share the tale of what one of our buyers bought in our 'Home Of The Month' Feature. This month our delightful single professional went guns blazing to secure a gorgeous top-to-bottom renovation of a house near Trinity Bellwoods Park! This stunning residence had been elegantly renovated with contemporary flair. You must see the photos!

We also share our 'Spring 2014 Forecast: Part One' where we offer some tales from the Toronto real estate trenches, pepper them with predictions from multiple pundits and analysts about the direction that they believe the market will go, while addressing the growing question of affordability in the City of Toronto. This comprehensive overview shows how all over the map everyone is over the state of the Spring Market. It seems half the opinions are 'doom and gloom' while others see few concerns. We have to admit we're straddling the middle on this, as we're seeing no imminent slowdown whatsoever in the sales volume of real estate. Demand remains Hot Hot Hot!

We also feature in this month's 'Dear Urbaneer' post 'How To Keep Your Flip From Flopping'. There are so many critical factors to getting a 'flip' right that we wonder why anyone but the professionals would take this on. Not only do you have to nail your location, your acquisition price, and your scope of work, but you have to know who your future buyer is, what they're seeking, and deliver a product that will compel them to pay top dollar. On top of that, you've got to navigate your permits, keep your budget balanced, and be prepared to pay a heck of a lot of taxes. Flipping is not for the faint of heart. This is a good read for anyone who thinks Flipping is Easy!

The hot property market in the city of Toronto casts definite allure for potential investment opportunities, so we're also sharing a post 'On Financing An Investment Property'. Unless you've got a mattress stuffed with cash, getting (and understanding) financing should be part of your diligence package. And although you may already be familiar with financing rules – like down payments and amortizations – as it pertains to your principal residence, did you know the rules and qualification process for purchasing an investment property are different? Here's the skinny!

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