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If you’re curious about how the Toronto Real Estate market is performing as we roll into the holiday season, all you need to do is bookmark the Urbaneer blog! Urbaneer.com has the housing news you need and the homeownership content you crave! Visit our Listings Page to take a peek at our gorgeous properties currently for sale, then slide over to our blog where we discuss the many facets of house & home, as well as Toronto culture, design, and architecture – hopefully with a few laughs along the way! 

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This month’s installment of Dear Urbaneer is entitled, ‘Dear Urbaneer: Do You Have Any Advice For Parents Renovating Their Empty Nest?”. In it, I’m guiding homeowners who are energized by the prospect of refreshing their newly empty nest to suit their new lifestyle à deux. Here’s their question: “After raising two kids at the same address for 18 years, we’re officially empty nesters! … We’re now pursuing our interests, hosting dinners, and cultivating friendships, all of which went on the back burner as we raised a family. Now we want our place to serve as a “home base” for all of these pursuits. How should we approach our project list to reflect our needs and aesthetics, keeping in mind that while we will likely downsize in a few years, we’re not ready to do that right now?” Read on for my advice!

The Urbaneer Team posts weekly blogs that share our love of real estate and celebrate Toronto! Below are three of our most well-read posts this past month:

The most popular post in November was, ‘All Residential Properties In Toronto Can Now Become Four Units As-Of-Right‘. In May 2023 the City of Toronto introduced the ‘as-of-right’ to permit multiplexes up to four units in locations that were previously the domain of single-family dwellings! Prior to this multiplex policy, one could have an accessory suite (basement apartment) in their residence and, providing it meets the required setback and access criteria, a laneway dwelling (as of 2019) or garden suite (as of 2022). Now, one will be able to construct four units and, if done strategically, also a laneway or garden suite. Check out all the details here!

Another popular piece was ‘Living Apart Together And Toronto Real Estate‘. Over my 33-year real estate career I’ve learned many lessons and gained thought-provoking insight into how housing shapes culture and vice versa. In this blog, I recall the story of how I came to learn that the space plan of a dwelling can influence and shape the dynamics of a household. Moreover, different housing types, configurations, and even locations can be mitigating factors that have a strong impact on how an individual, couple, and family connect or drift, disengage or thrive. And the flow of influence in that relationship – between housing and lifestyle – moves both ways! I follow up with a discussion of a rising trend in the family dynamics among parents who are separated or divorced: living apart together!

We also had a great response to our blog The Benefits Of A Presale Inspection Report For Property Sellers & Buyers’. Having a presale inspection completed in advance of bringing your property to market for sale, ultimately serves both the Seller and the Buyer by providing everyone with important information. For the Seller, it gives you some context around what deficiencies are present in your home, it arms you in advance as to what issues Buyers may use as bargaining chips, and it provides you with the opportunity to proactively remedy said deficiencies and attach receipts to the inspection report. The Buyer isn’t making assumptions about the condition of the property but rather is provided with a transparent report that provides a summary of its current state at the time of sale. This is a win-win for all parties.

And – for lovers of unique urban spaces – don’t miss our sensational Toronto real estate listed for sale or lease on our site for your consideration!


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