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Eager to know where Toronto’s upended, backwards real estate market will go in 2024? Need advice on achieving the best price for your property, or how to begin your buying journey? Urbaneer has the housing news you need and the homeownership content you love! Visit our Listings Page to take a peek at our gorgeous properties currently for sale, then slide over to our blog where we discuss the many facets of house & home, as well as Toronto culture, design, and architecture – hopefully with a few laughs along the way! 

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May’s instalment of Dear Urbaneer was entitled, ‘Dear Urbaneer: Can I Combat Noise Pollution Through Design?‘. This one stems from a chat I had with a client who expressed a concern that many urbanites share: the impacts of noise pollution on their mental and physical health. Steve explores the topic and the different kinds of noise pollution then offers some tips to mitigate its effects. The client said, “On a recent trip to the countryside with friends, I was taken with how quiet it was, in such sharp contrast to the everyday sounds of the urban landscape. When I returned to the city, I was even more aware of the intensity of the noise around me. This begs the question: How does noise pollution affect us, and how can I better protect myself from its impact?” Read on for Steve’s advice!

Steve and the Urbaneer Team post weekly blogs that share our love of all things real estate and that celebrate Toronto! Below are three of our most popular posts this past month:

Our most well-read piece this month was a blog entitled, ‘This Is Why Riverside & Leslieville Are Ideal For Downsizing Boomers + 5-Star Advice‘. It’s a great piece that explores the ins and outs of downsizing, speaks to multiple age groups and demographics, and even offers some top tips on navigating the process. Furthermore, Steve discusses why certain neighbourhoods in Toronto are superior when choosing an urban location to downsize to; in particular, he extolls the virtues of Riverside/Leslieville.

Another popular piece was ‘High Ceilings & Flooded With Light: We Love A Soft Loft!. When buying a place where you’ll live for many years, you must purchase a property that feels just right – one with an emotional resonance that says “Hey, you belong here!” In this blog, Steve talks about finding the right space for you, shares some reflections on his first years living in Toronto, hypes the perks of soft lofts, and promotes one of our current listings on Colgate Avenue. Read on!

We also published a blog about an even that is taking place this weekend: ‘The Cabbagetown Preservation Association Presents: Hidden Gardens & Private Spaces Tour 2024‘. It’s fitting that Cabbagetown would have such a noteworthy garden tour (Sunday, June 2nd, from 10:00am to 3:00pm), since gardening and outdoor spaces have long been a substantial part of its history. Cabbagetown’s early residents – many of whom were Irish immigrants fleeing the potato famine in the mid-19th century – used their front lawns in the neighbourhood to grow cabbage and other produce. The gardens of Cabbagetown have come a long way since those early days, and there are some true gems hidden away in this verdant neighbourhood! What a fantastic way to explore Cabbagetown and get a peek behind some of those fences you normally walk right by! See you there!

And – for lovers of unique urban spaces – don’t miss our sensational Toronto real estate listed for sale or lease on our site for your consideration!


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