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Did you enjoy the enchanting days of September? With the arrival Fall, the return to routine, and cozy sweaters in every store window, there’s a certain comfort and security in retreating indoors to enjoy Hearth and Home. So, as the days become shorter and the nights longer, we look forward to fall TV line-ups, pumpkin spice, warm blankets, and apple pies, all with a backdrop of stunning Autumn colours!

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First, we share our Homewatch News contribution, ‘How Realtors Create Competition and Multiple Offers for Toronto Real Estate‘. This Autumn, realtors are listing properties for sums which are lower than they might have listed last year, or prior. In this careful climate, if the objective is to create competition and have buyers blindly compete, one has to set the list price really, really low. But how do you create buzz and incite competition without spooking Buyers who are wary of bidding wars? After all, achieving your home’s highest value isn’t as simple as picking a list price based on comparable sales, then sitting back and waiting for Buyers to flock to you. Read this piece if you want the truth about selling your home for its full worth!

Each month we share the tale of what one of our buyers have recently purchased in our Home of The Month feature. This installment provides a snapshot of what our Buyers have recently purchased or leased in the City of Toronto. This month’s post highlights one of Toronto’s strongest real estate-related markets – rentals!! Connecting with Urbaneer team member James Ormston, this particular rental client came to us after having come to the realization that his current and long-established home-sharing arrangement in a character Cabbagetown abode sadly was no longer satisfactory, and he’d simply come to understand now was the time to find a new place to call home. He engaged the Urbaneer team to guide him to secure a rental condominium, with an eye to eventually considering a purchase in the future. Due to the challenges renters in Toronto are currently facing in what can accurately be described as a housing shortage, our client was especially focused in his search, and had a well-attuned sense of what was going to fit his needs. He sought something that was extremely well-situated and, more importantly, accessible to his work downtown. With the client having excellent references, and very solid prior employment history – in addition to a letter from his new employer confirming his position, length of tenure and salary – all things were pointing to a positive outcome! It would be evident to any landlord that this was a Grade A tenant!  Continue the journey here!

September’s installment of our Dear Urbaneer series is entitled, Dear Urbaneer: How Do We Establish Our Interior Design Style?  A challenge many of my clients have to navigate – especially given so much of downtown Toronto’s housing stock was constructed anywhere from 90 to 140 years ago and requires renovation – is exploring and communicating their interior design tastes. Furthermore, with the proliferation of HGTV and the 24 hour loop of design media, more and more homeowners are taking the leap to transform their spaces to suit their unique tastes, thinking that it’s fairly straight-forward. But when it comes to design, that’s rarely the case! Here’s this month’s query: “We’ve recently purchased a home that we intend to renovate extensively. Now that we are starting to sit down to plan out the renovations, we’re discovering we have different ideas on what we like, and don’t. Do you have any suggestions on how to approach planning this, including communicating our design preferences to each other?”  Read Steve’s advice here!

The Urbaneer Team posts a bunch of blogs each week, where we share our love of all things real estate and Toronto! According to Urbaneer.com’s monthly statistics, our most read blog was ‘Strolling The Tree-Lined Streets Of Historic Cabbagetown‘. Toronto has over a hundred unique village neighbourhoods, but one of our favourites is lush n’ leafy Cabbagetown!! It’s rooted in character, anchored by a rich history that dates back to Toronto’s inception. And the collection of preserved Victorian homes? Stunning! Follow us down the quiet allées, as we dig up a short history on one of Toronto’s most coveted neighbourhoods!

The second most popular post was ‘Love For Spruce Decor In Cabbagetown‘. As a design-obsessed realtor consumed with everything housing and home, when it comes to curating a living space, nothing shouts ‘personality’ like a collection of quirky and cool art, accents and unique finds. But achieving this isn’t going to happen by visiting a big box store like HomeSense. It requires you to sleuth for those intimate purveyors of good taste nestled on neighbourhood High Streets where the rents are a bit more reasonable. And in Toronto, one of those special shops is Spruce Home Décor, located at 455 Parliament Street, in Cabbagetown!


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