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Loving the splendor of Autumn? Pumpkin spice all around, corn stocks high, vibrant foliage underfoot – it’s our favourite time of year! How amazing is it to watch Toronto’s green spaces slowly turn red, orange and yellow?!

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First, we share our Homewatch News contribution, ‘How To Reconcile Home Ownership Dreams With Real Estate Realities: For Millennials’. While it does seem that the odds are stacked against millennials when it comes it home ownership in Toronto, it’s not necessarily out of the question. But purchasing real estate – for first time buyers of that generation – is far from easy, given the rise in prices, average amount of student debt, a lack of available housing supply, and increasingly stringent lending policies. For millennials, given the numerous hurdles to cross, creative solutions and a buying strategy are even more important. Read our advice, here!

Each month we share the tale of what one of our buyers have recently purchased in our Home of The Month feature. This month’s post highlights one of Toronto’s trendiest areas, Little Italy! And not just any house this time, but rather the height of urban grit and coolness – an authentic hard loft conversion! Steve has a multitude of experience buying and selling Toronto’s many factory conversion, and he actually used to live in this very building! The Button Factory used to be the site for a uniform manufacturing company, and was one of the first factory conversions in the area (The Banquet Hall on Claremont and The Movie House on Euclid would be marketed and sold by Steve 2 to 3 years later!) Because of the original design/build program – and the 23 years which have since passed – now no two units are alike. They range in size, condition and quality, each tailored by successive residents to reflect their own self-expression, personal success, and aesthetic preferences. If you love unique urban spaces, exposed brick, industrial accents, and a big dose of historical charm, take a peek at Unit 6 here!

September’s installment of our Dear Urbaneer series is entitled, ‘Dear Urbaneer: What Are The Important Considerations Surrounding Multi-Generational Housing?’  We’re seeing more and more clients trying to navigate shared accommodations for both personal and financial reasons. There’s both pros and cons to buying a multi-generational home, but the trend is on the rise in Toronto! Here’s this month’s query: “With both the high cost of Toronto real estate and finding it doesn’t really suit our needs (either wrong housing type or wrong location, too far away from family, etc.), we are getting discouraged and are trying to approach our house hunt from a different perspective. I have a number of friends who have bought homes with their parents, intending for all generations to live under the same roof. I like the idea of having my parents integrated like this into my children’s lives; it also might make more sense financially. Is there anything different we should include in our house hunt for a multi-generational home?”  Read Steve’s advice here!

The Urbaneer Team posts a bunch of blogs each week, where we share our love of all things real estate and Toronto! According to Urbaneer.com’s monthly statistics, our most read blog was Urbaneer’s Toronto Real Estate Forecast 2019: Part 2′. In Part One, Steve examined the state of the Toronto real estate market in terms of recent activity and prices, while addressing how the provincial and federal government interventions – and policy changes – since April 2017 have re-shaped our housing market, impacted affordability, and influenced the dynamics of supply and demand.

For this second installment edition, he comments on where the market is – and where it might be going – based on his recent experiences in Toronto’s ‘real estate trenches’. Instead of looking at housing type specifically, he examines various buyer segments, including who is buying what and the opportunities and challenges they each face.

The second most popular post was ‘The Federal Election And The Canadian Housing Market’. We don’t care who you voted for – we just hope you voted! In this blog we review the political promises at hand and each party’s stance on real estate related issues, like affordable housing, sustainability and the environment.


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